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Chargers' Top Draft Pick Joey Bosa's Mom isn't Happy with Her Son's Contract Status

Joey Bosa is the last first round pick to not be signed following the 2016 draft, and his mom took to Facebook to express some strong feelings about the San Diego Chargers and the famous quarterback swap of the 2004 draft.

There is just one 2016 first round draft pick who remains unsigned: third overall pick Joey Bosa. Bosa was selected by the San Diego Chargers but he and the team have struggled to make any headway in terms of a contract. Bosa has been holding out from training camp with the hopes that a contract can be completed soon. However, the two sides are said to have not met since the end of July.

Now Bosa's mom is chiming in and if there's one thing everyone should know, it's that you do not upset somebody's mother. Cheryl Bosa took to Facebook in response to a post from SD Bolt Report saying that she's bummed out for Joey and that she wishes "we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day".

Back in 2004, Manning said before the draft that he would refuse to play in San Diego. The Chargers then drafted Manning with the first overall pick and traded him to the Giants in exchange for Philip Rivers, who was the fourth overall pick of the same draft. If the Chargers want to trade Bosa, which they have given no indication they intend on doing, they have until tomorrow to trade his rights.

The issue over the contract is said to be a deferral of Bosa's signing bonus and offset language. In the last 20 years, Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson and Quentin Jammer have all held out prior to their rookie seasons with San Diego.


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