Dez Bryant gives away pet monkey to friend

Bryant is parting ways with what he called his "best friend."

Last October, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant bought himself a capuchin monkey, naming the critter Dallas and calling the monkey his new best friend. But, sadly, the receiver recently parted ways from his pet, giving him to a friend, Bryant said in an interview with KTCK-AM 1310

Bryant said that he would still get to visit Dallas, and that their bond would not be broken. He was asked if the monkey would still recognize him if he entered the room.

"Yeah, he recognizes me," Bryant said. "I gave him his name."

But Bryant won't be the only person to miss the monkey this year. In an interview with 105.3 The Fan, owner Jerry Jones expressed his thoughts on Dallas' departure, saying that he missed the monkey. "The monkey thing is pretty humorous. I am a monkey fan. I can stand in a zoo and look at them all day long and die laughing," Jones said to The Fan. 

During his time with Bryant, Dallas lived the good life, which isn't hard to imagine with a millionaire for an owner. Bryant said the monkey was one of the guys. 

"He got pure A-1 treatment," Bryant told The Ticket.


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