Which NFL teams did bettors like best for Super Bowl, over-under wins?

Before the start of the 2016 NFL season, bettors put a quarter of the money on two teams to win the Super Bowl, with other teams bet heavily to beat the over/under win projections.

It’s obviously early, but so far the betting public is on the right track.

The four most heavily bet teams to win the Super Bowl, even with the odds factored in, all won on Kickoff Weekend.

The New England Patriots received 15 percent of the betting money on Super Bowl odds, according to, followed by the Green Bay Packers at 10 percent. They were the only teams that garnered double-digit percentages of the money on the Super Bowl.

After them, the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers each received 8 percent of the money.

All four of those teams are 1-0, but all three teams that received 6 percent of the betting public on their side – the Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts – lost on opening weekend.

Rounding out the top 10, the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos, two of the three teams that got 5 percent of the money on their side, won last weekend. The Dallas Cowboys, who also got 5 percent of the betting public on their side, lost.

Here is how the percentage of money bet on Super Bowl odds broke down for the top 10 teams, according to Bovada.

  • New England Patriots: 15%
  • Green Bay Packers: 10%
  • Seattle Seahawks: 8%
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 8%
  • Arizona Cardinals: 6%
  • Carolina Panthers: 6%
  • Indianapolis Colts: 6%
  • Dallas Cowboys: 5%
  • Denver Broncos: 5%
  • Minnesota Vikings: 5% 

The Cardinals were the mostly heavily bet team for the over on their established over/under wins this season. They had 84 percent of bettors on that line take the over on a 9.5 win total. The Patriots were next, with 79 percent of bettors taking the over on their 10.5 win projection, and the Panthers had 72 percent on their side for a 10.5 over/under on wins.

On the other side, the Philadelphia Eagles, Colts and Los Angeles Rams were the heaviest bet on the under. Those totals and the top MVP money from Bovada are below: 

Heaviest bet Win Totals Over

  • Arizona Cardinals: over 9.5: (84% on the over)
  • New England Patriots: over 10.5 (79% on the over)
  • Carolina Panthers: over 10.5 (72% on the over) 

Heaviest bet Win Totals Under

  • Philadelphia Eagles: under 7 (82% on the under)
  • Indianapolis Colts: under 9.5 (78% on the under)
  • Los Angeles Rams: under 7.5 (74% on the under) 

MVP % of money

  • Aaron Rodgers: 11%
  • Russell Wilson: 10%
  • Cam Newton: 6%
  • Andrew Luck: 5%
  • Antonio Brown: 5%

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