Scouting the SEC: Kentucky

Just when it looked as though the program was headed in the right direction, the Wildcats hit a bump in the road. A change in coaches brings more than a few questions for the upcoming campaign. Even with that the UK roster has several solid prospects on offense.

When you talk of Wildcat pro prospects, the first name that rolls off people's tongues is Jared Lorenzen, better known as the "hefty lefty", amongst other names. Tipping the scales at close to 280 pounds, Lorenzen's arm is similar to his body size - big. "J. Lo" drives his passes down the field or zips the outs. He's also relatively athletic and easily gets outside the pocket, making the pass on the move and losing nothing on his throws. To his credit, Lorenzen has improved his field vision and decision-making, staying away from the errant throw in the pocket. It will all come down to his weight; no team is going to expend an early choice on an obese signal caller. The situation may also affect his playing time this season as new coach Rich Brooks may rotate his passers unless Lorenzen gets down to his "target" weight.

Right tackle Antonio Hall is a big, dominant blocker with a nasty attitude. For the most part he plays with solid fundamentals but is rather immobile and may be best served inside at guard.

Derrick Abney is a slightly built receiver with great quickness and explosion. Abney runs good routes and gets separation, but his real value lies as a return specialist where he immediately impacts the game with huge returns. He's a prospect that would be classified as "more quick than fast" but special teams skills could get him selected near the end of the first day.

Sylvester Miller is a workman-type blocker that's used at tackle but projects to guard. Likewise center Nick Seitze works hard but has limited upside for the next level.

There is talent on defense, though not the caliber of DeWayne Robertson, last April's fourth pick. Tackle Jeremy Caudill is explosive on the inside and a lineman that gets a lot of push off the field. Not many talked of Caudill last year but he did a good job next to Robertson and could move up charts in '03.

Vincent Burns is a speedy edge rusher and good athlete that will get better as he physically matures.

Strong safety Mike Williams is a hard hitting run defender with adequate skills in pass coverage.

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