Scouting Conference C-USA: East Carolina

It's Pirates under new management as the defensive-minded John Thompson takes over the reins for ECU. The roster is filled with several mid-to-late round draft picks.

Lineman Brian Rimpf has been on the radar screen for several years. Sized well with the brain to match, Rimpf does an outstanding job using blocking angles and positioning to protect the edge and keep opponents away from the quarterback. While we feel he's a solid prospect, Rimpf is a limited athlete and lacks the great footwork, lateral range, or dominant blocking strength. Hence we feel Rimpf is better off as a backup and will be taken in the middle of day two.

Center Doug White explodes off the snap and does an efficient job on the pivot but is also best suited as a backup in the NFL. Senior Art Brown is a speedy scat back that may have projected as a third down runner in 2004 but blew his knee out several weeks ago and will miss the '03 season.

Keep an eye on quarterback Paul Troth, a developing pocket passer with size and arm strength.

Defensively, Damane Duckett is a large and athletic lineman that has experience at both end and tackle. Duckett looked off his game last year after moving to the inside but his size, growth potential, natural skills, and abilities displayed in the past make him worth watching.

Travis Heath is looks imposing at safety and hard hitting against the run but a defensive back that gets caught out of position in pass defense.

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