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NFL wild card playoff odds

The Pittsburgh Steelers were the heaviest favorites when odds were released earlier this week, plus plenty of other NFL wild-card weekend playoff odds.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were the heaviest favorites to win this weekend as the NFL playoffs begin with the wild-card round.

The Steelers are 10-point favorites over the Miami Dolphins as 70 percent of the betting public liked their odds to cover the spread. The Houston Texans actually received the most action early in the week as four-point favorites over the Oakland Raiders, who will be playing without starting QB Derek Carr.

Here are the odds from released earlier this week.:


Oakland Raiders:  +4: (28% of public)
Houston Texans: -4: (72% of public)

Detroit Lions:  +8: (50% of public)
Seattle Seahawks: -8: (50% of public)

Miami Dolphins:  +10:  (30% of public)
Pittsburgh Steelers: -10:  (70% of public)

New York Giants:  +4½: (42% of public)
Green Bay Packers: -4½: (58% of public)


New England Patriots: 9/5
Dallas Cowboys: 9/2
Green Bay Packers: 7/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 8/1
Atlanta Falcons:  9/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 9/1
New York Giants:  12/1
Seattle Seahawks: 14/1
Houston Texans: 66/1
Detroit Lions:  75/1
Miami Dolphins:  75/1
Oakland Raiders: 75/1

Wild Card Odds and Ends

Will a Wild Card Team win the Super Bowl?
Yes: (10/1)
No:  (1/50)

What will be the biggest point differential in any of the four games during Wild Card Weekend?
Over/Under:  19.5

What will be the most points scored by one team during Wild Card Weekend?
Over/Under:  34.5

Who will record the most passing yards Wild Card weekend?

Ben Roethlisberger: 2/1
Aaron Rodgers: 3/1
Eli Manning:  5/1
Matthew Stafford: 5/1
Russell Wilson: 5/1
Matt Moore:  10/1
Brock Osweiler: 10/1
All Oakland Raider QBs:  20/

Who will record the most receiving yards Wild Card Weekend?
Antonio Brown: 3/1
Odell Beckham Jr.:  4/1
Jordy Nelson: 7/1
Doug Baldwin:  15/2
Davante Adams: 8/1
Amari Cooper: 10/1
Michael Crabtree:  10/1
DeAndre Hopkins: 10/1
Jarvis Landry: 10/1
Golden Tate: 10/1
Marvin Jones: 20/1

Who will record the most rushing yards Wild Card Weekend?
Le’Veon Bell: 1/2
Jay Ajayi:  7/2
Latavius Murray:  4/1
Ty Montgomery:  15/2


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