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The Top 10 Senior Bowl Prospects from the North's Offense

A look at the Top 10 Senior Bowl prospects from the North team's offense.

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1. OT - Adam Bisnowaty, Pittsburgh - The Panthers product has the size, the versatility and the attitude to make it in the NFL. He is probably best used at left tackle, but got work at right tackle, as well as some work at guard on Thursday. He appears quick enough to handle NFL rushers, but he'll need to be wary of bull rushers as he can be knocked back if his footwork and balance aren't on point. Bisnowaty seems like a perfect Day 2 kind of left tackle, someone that could potentially start for a team in need right away. 

2. WR - Zay Jones, East Carolina - There may not have been any player on either squad who helped himself as much as Jones. A shade under 6'2 and 202 pounds, Jones has terrific size and strength. He started the week by catching everything near him and showing a burst after the catch beyond any of his peers. He finished the week with the coaches trying to find ways to get him the ball on sweeps and screen passes. Jones was the best receiver of the week on either the North or the South.

3. G -  Kyle Kalis, Michigan- He is expected to be a mid-round pick, somewhere between the third and fifth rounds, but loves to get after it in the run game and he has the pedigree. The son of former NFL offensive lineman Todd Kalis, Kyle started learning the techniques at a young age and it showed with his hand work this week. But what he really loves is the tough, dirty work inside and getting to the second level in the run game. He could turn a likely Day 3 selection into a solid NFL career.

4. QB -  Nate Peterman, Pittsburgh - Peterman and Iowa's C.J. Beathard are similar in stature, but Peterman had the advantage when it came to his mobility. On the second day of practice, the wind was gusting heavily, and Peterman separated himself from Beathard with the ability to throw through the wind. He has good but not great size at 6'2.5 and 225 pounds and made all the necessary throws in tough conditions.

5. TE - Michael Roberts, Toledo - If the South has the pass catchers in O.J. Howard and Evan Engram, the North might have Goldilocks in Roberts. At 6'4 3/8" and 261 pounds, Roberts has the size and strength for the interior game, and he showed excellent hands all week in the passing game. He's fearsome in the defensive backfield once he has made the catch. Howard is going to get a lot of the headlines the week of the Senior Bowl, but don't sleep on Roberts.

6. RB - De'Veon Smith, Michigan - Toledo's Kareem Hunt and Wisconsin's Corey Clement each bring something to the table for the North squad, but Smith seemed to be more consistent and well-rounded throughout the week. He has the speed to get to the edge in the running game and proved to be a reliable pass catcher. He also excelled in his pass blocking drills, key for any rookie looking to make a team. For teams looking for a guy who seems to do everything well, he makes sense in the fourth or fifth round.

7. T/G - Taylor Moton, Western Kentucky - While Bisnowaty seems like an ideal left tackle, Moton is more suited for the right side because he doesn't look like he has the initial quickness needed to handle the elite edge rushers. He has a powerful anchor and can stonewall defenders and shows a knack for walling off would-be tacklers in the run game.

8. WR - Amba Etta-Tawo, Syracuse - Only 6'1 1/4" and 198 pounds, Etta-Tawo played much bigger than that because of his body control and instincts at receiver. He knows how to use his body to shield a defender, and he times his leaps well. After watching high point several passes, it was surprising to see he wasn't 6'3 or better, a credit to how he plays the game.

9. QB - C.J. Beathard, Iowa - At 6'2 5/8" and 219 pounds, he's built almost identically to Peterman. Beathard did everything well, but just not as well as Peterman this week. Peterman had a bit stronger arm and a bit more mobility, hence the nod to Peterman. Beathard picked up the offense quickly and through with very good accuracy through the week.

10. RB - Kareem Hunt, Toledo - Hunt showed a different aspect of his game each day of practice as he continually impressed. First, he checked in at a solid 5'10.5 and 208 pounds. On the first day of practice he showed excellent hands, so it was no surprise to see he caught 41 passes at Toledo last year. On the second day of practice he got to show a burst and change of direction in the open field that he didn't have the opportunity to show in scrimmages on day one. 

One to watch - WR Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington, At 6'1.5 and 198 pounds, Kupp has good size, but what made him intriguing during the week was how often the quarterbacks would use him as option one on quick slants. Will be as fearless going across the middle when the linebackers are allowed to tee off in a game? The combine will be important for him. If he can get in the 4.6 range in the forty, it's easy to see a team taking a flyer on him in the later rounds.

Tim Yotter contributed to this report

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