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Patriots installed as 2018 Super Bowl favorites

After an overtime win in Super Bowl LI, the New England Patriots are the favorites to win next year’s NFL title as well.

Given their history of success with five Super Bowl wins since 2001, including their overtime win on Sunday, the New England Patriots have been installed as the favorite to win Super Bowl 52 on Feb. 4, 2018.

The Patriots were given 5/1 odds to win next year’s Super Bowl, according to Bovada.lv, but the NFC representative in Sunday’s Super Bowl is fifth on the list. The Atlanta Falcons had a 28-3 lead in the third quarter on Sunday, but perhaps that crushing letdown is the reason other teams are favored in front of them for next year’s Super Bowl.

The Falcons are fifth with 14/1 odds, behind the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers at 9/1 and the Pittsburgh Steelers at 12/1.

Just outside the top five are two non-playoff teams from 2016 – the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings – and the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks, each of those four teams given 16/1 odds.

“We just posted next year’s Super Bowl odds and Falcons at 14-1 and Steelers ... are getting bet immediately,” said Bovada Sports Book Manager Kevin Bradley, “while the Pats are fav once again at 5-1.”

The Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers were given the longest odds, at 150/1, to win Super Bowl LII next year.


New England Patriots 5/1
Dallas Cowboys 9/1
Green Bay Packers 9/1 
Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1 
Atlanta Falcons 14/1 
Denver Broncos 16/1 
Minnesota Vikings 16/1 
Oakland Raiders 16/1 
Seattle Seahawks 16/1 
Carolina Panthers 25/1 
Indianapolis Colts 25/1 
Kansas City Chiefs 25/1 
New York Giants 25/1
Arizona Cardinals 33/1 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 33/1 
Baltimore Ravens 40/1 
Detroit Lions 40/1 
Houston Texans 40/1
Cincinnati Bengals 50/1 
Miami Dolphins 50/1 
New Orleans Saints 50/1 
Philadelphia Eagles 50/1 
Tennessee Titans 50/1 
Washington Redskins 50/1 
Buffalo Bills 66/1 
Jacksonville Jaguars 66/1
Los Angeles Chargers 66/1 
Los Angeles Rams 75/1 
New York Jets 75/1 
Chicago Bears 100/1 
Cleveland Browns 150/1
San Francisco 49ers 150/1

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