Scouting the WAC: Boise State

The Broncos were possibly the best team no one paid attention too last season. They bypassed a big time bowl berth and possibly a New Years' Day game to stay at home and treat Iowa State in an un-Humanitarian way. They have a few solid pro-prospects.

Ryan Dinwiddie is a good college quarterback with solid signal caller intangibles and the abilities to lead a squad. He runs the offense like a well-oiled machine and gives off the idea he's always in control. Projecting Dinwiddie to the next level is not all that easy. While he's accurate and tough he lacks the big league arm and NFL size. Not fleet of foot, Dinwiddie is not one to make plays with his feet, further compounding the problem. Then there are "off-the-field" incidents. Right now we think Dinwiddie fits in as a late round pick and number two quarterback at the next level. One youngster we really like is left tackle Rusty Colburn. An athletic lineman with excellent range and blocking fundamentals, Colburn easily holds the point of attack and gets movement from his run blocks. He's nimble yet dominant and someone to watch for in the future.

Defensively, the majority of the seniors are free agent talent. Tackle Dave Oldham displays decent power and up field drive but is a limited athlete coming off major knee surgery. Defensive backs Julius Brown, Gabe Franklin and Wes Nurse all display skills and are worth a look.

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