In Dallas, it is the Parcells way

The Bill Parcells era in Dallas has officially started. Despite a loss in the Cowboys season opener, Parcells knows this team is on the right path.

Bill Parcells knew it wasn't going to be easy in his first-season with the Dallas Cowboys. Despite beating the Atlanta Falcons in almost every statistical category, the Cowboys lost to the Falcons 27-14, in spite of Parcells efforts and experience.


Monday in Dallas was an uneasy time for the 62-year old coach. He desperately wanted to get off to a good start with this young Cowboys club. Not as much for his pride, but Parcells knew that if this team could get off to a quick start they would gain the confidence that he has spent an off-season instilling into his latest development program.


"Hey, winning isn't contagious, it is something that you learn how to do, then it is something that you expect to do every time you step on the field," Parcells recently said. "If you don't want to come in here (Dallas) and work hard, give every ounce of who you are, then I don't need you. I want football players here and we have a good group to start with."


The expectation level for the Cowboys has been elevated with the arrival of Parcells. Known for turning around teams that were struggling upon his arrival, Parcells may be up against his toughest challenge to date. He isn't walking into New York where he had Phil Simms to lead the offense, not is he in New England where Drew Bledsoe was a gunslinger for the often-called conservative Parcells. It just happened that while in New England and later in New York coaching the Jets, did Parcells rely heavily on the passing game.


In Dallas, Parcells has the unproven Quincy Carter at quarterback and untested Troy Hambrick at running back. Shutter to think about the late night conversations that have taken place between Parcells and offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon.


According to Parcells, this Cowboys team is different when compared to teams he has coached in the past. Not as big and physical at the point of attack, smaller and quicker at linebacker, and athletic, but not physical in the defensive backfield, 2003 is expected to be a trying time for the veteran coach.


"We are not where I want us to be or where we need to be to win in this league. Will we eventually get to that point? We better, or none of us here will have a job," Parcells said. "This team will be competitive and it will get better as the season progresses."


Despite losing, the Cowboys were in the game against the Atlanta Falcons. It may take a few weeks, but Parcells has already started putting his label on this team.

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