Warner just one issue in St. Louis

Quarterback Kurt Warner suffered a concussion, Marc Bulger waits in the wings, and the team is in need of a wide receiver.

Mike Martz simply cannot get away from controversy and again the situation in St. Louis surrounds the handling of quarterback Kurt Warner and the inability of the offensive line to keep the pressure off of Warner.


In all reality, Warner was under a heavy-dose of Giants-pride Sunday, in the team's 23-13 loss at the Meadowlands. Despite throwing for 342-yards, throwing one interception, and fumbling six times, Warner basically played the entire game with what was later disclosed as a concussion.


Martz noted in post-game interviews that Warner was not himself during the game and on the sidelines. If Martz was aware of Warner's problem, why would the head coach continue to keep letting Warner go out onto the field? Simple, Warner wanted to play and the Rams, who always have trouble with the Giants, were very much in the game despite the beating and turnovers attributed to Warner. Martz also believed that it was not a physical condition that was hampering his veteran quarterback.


"I know that we were having communications problems, and I know there was a communication problem inside the helmet. The volume control was not working properly and was turned down too low, whatever the situation was. He just didn't play like Kurt has been playing. He got hit on the second pass play, if you look at in on tape, and you can see his head slam on the ground, and I think that occurred. He says he was foggy through the first half, but things seemed a little clearer in the second half and the doctors talked to him and he recalled everything and they felt like he was ok. I wasn't aware of it until we were getting ready to go out on the field (before the second half), what was going on with Kurt."


With Marc Bulger waiting in the wings, the Rams could be in worse shape. Replacing an injured Warner during the 2002 season, Bulger went 6-1 and helped the team make a mid-season run towards playoff contention that was later rebuffed.


"At this point, I think we will probably start Marc (Bulger)." Martz would state today.


The quarterback issue may be one that is lived over and over in St. Louis this season, but another area of great concern is at the wide receiver position. Veterans Torry Holt and Issac Bruce are as good as ever, but the young depth the team was expecting to enter the 2003 season with has become a serious problem.


Rookie wide receiver Kevin Curtis is expected to miss approximately 3-4 more weeks with a broken leg and rookie receiver Shaun McDonald suffered a thumb injury that will keep him off the field for about four-weeks. With the current state at the position, the Rams were in contact with representatives for three wide receivers late Monday.

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