Browns Tuesday Tidbits

News and notes on the Cleveland Browns.

--Coach Butch Davis stubbornly refuses to rely on a pure fullback whose only mission would be to clear a path for William Green. Davis didn't even have a fullback on the roster the first two years. He has Kevin McLeod on the team in 2003, but McLeod was inactive against the Colts in the opener and he'll probably be inactive against the Ravens Sunday.
   "Steve Heiden and Aaron Shea can do everything Kevin McLeod can do," Davis said. "Steve, Aaron and Darnell Sanders (all tight ends) are all very valuable. They can all play tight end and fullback and in multiple tight end formations."
   The Browns had first-and-goal from the 1 and first-and-goal from the 3 against the Colts and did not score a touchdown. If Davis changes his mind and McLeod does play, McLeod, 6-foot-2, 250 pounds, would have to contend with Ravens All Pro linebacker Ray Lewis.
   "I dream of blocking him," McLeod said. "Ray Lewis is supposed to be this pretty good linebacker and he's All World. I figure if I block him and do a good job, I think that would help my cause. I hope I'm up and I hope we run plays toward him. I'm ready for that challenge."
   --Rookie DB Chris Crocker has established himself as the nickel back. That job would have gone to Lewis Sanders, but he missed about half the preseason with a pulled hamstring. Sanders is healthy and can't beat out Crocker.
   --DE Courtney Brown showed in the Colts game he has made a complete recovery from December microfracture knee surgery, but Butch Davis won't push him. Brown will get about 40 snaps a game at left end. He played right end last year.
   --RG Shaun O'Hara moves to tackle eligible near the goal line. Paul Zukauskas, a seventh-round draft choice in 2001, replaces him at RG. Zukauskas does not get much of a push, which is one reason getting one yard has been so difficult.
   --WR Quincy Morgan is biting his tongue for now, but he caught only one pass against the Colts and isn't happy about it. He's a starter along with Kevin Johnson.
   --The coaches want rookie C Jeff Faine to improve his run blocking. It will be a tough test for Faine this week because the Ravens play a 3-4 defense.

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