Thursday night Browns

Thursday evening update on the Cleveland Browns.

Quincy Morgan caught only one pass last week against the Colts. He's looking for more against the Ravens Sunday, but for part of the day he'll be going against his former teammate, Corey Fuller, if Fuller can play through a thigh injury.
   Fuller played four years with the Browns before signing with Baltimore as a free agent. Morgan was a second-round draft choice in 2001. They went at each other daily in practice, though Fuller went against Kevin Johnson more often.
   "He knows me and I know him," Morgan said. "Whatever I can use against him, I will. It's fun playing against a guy with a personality like Fuller has. I know if he beats me he's going to talk trash. If I beat him I'll talk trash. He's going to talk trash all day even if you do beat him twice."
   Fuller called Morgan at Morgan's home Wednesday night. Morgan figured Fuller was trying to soften him up.
   "We're not enemies," Morgan said. "It's bigger than that. We're not even enemies on the field. We have a job to do. He has to cover me and stop me. I have to beat him and make catches on him.
   "To be honest, when you have a hatred for a guy you can get all out of your game. You can get kicked out of the game and get penalties.
   "When he talked to me, he was all nice, but I know that's Corey Fuller. I've been in this locker room for two years. I know he could try to punch me in the mouth on the first play of the game. He's a good guy, but I wouldn't put anything past him."
   --CB Michael Lehan (calf) is off the injury report. He could play in the dime defense and on special teams.
   --DE Courtney Brown is probable with a foot injury. He was kicked in the heel in the first quarter last week against the Colts. He finished the game and did not miss practice this week.
   --WR Quincy Morgan is listed as probable with a hip injury. He did not miss any practice time.

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