Thursday night Buccaneers

Thursday evening update on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs are not forgetting Brenson Buckner's claim in training camp that the Panthers' defensive line is better than Tampa Bay's. Buckner went further than that, saying Kris Jenkins is better than Warren Sapp.
   "You know what? One man told me something," said Sapp. "You don't talk about things outside your pay grade or your play grade. I don't think Brenson Buckner has any pineapple in his diet."
   When asked what he meant by the pineapple reference, Sapp replied, "Ya'll don't take Pro Bowl players up there too often. The finest pineapple in the world comes from Hawaii, doesn't it? That's what I mean by pineapple in your diet."
   Buckner's boast also has been a sore spot with several of Sapp's teammates. "Good defense, yeah, but I think they're blowing a little too much smoke up their own butt right now," said Bucs tackle Kenyatta Walker.
   Even normally composed safety John Lynch had a stinging rebuttal to Buckner. "Well see. We do our talking with our pads and what we laid down on film speaks for itself," said Lynch. "There are a lot of people in this league that have diarrhea of the mouth. I guess that's the case up there."
   --FB Darian Barnes, who was questionable with a knee sprain, returned to practice and is expected to play in Sunday's home opener against the Panthers.
   --DT Ellis Wyms, who has not played in three weeks due to a sprained ankle, practiced Thursday and should be active for Sunday's game.
   --QB Brad Johnson has thrown multiple touchdown passes in eight of his last 10 games.
   --RB Mike Pittman has a bruised right shoulder but practiced Thursday and will start against the Panthers.
   --K Martin Gramatica has no interest in continuing his feud with Carolina punter Todd Sauerbrun. "There's nothing to say except I have a ring and he doesn't."

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