Browns Notes

News and notes surrounding the Cleveland Browns.

If Kelly Holcomb doesn't starting playing better soon, the Browns might soon have another quarterback controversy on their hands.
   Holcomb was unproductive for the second straight game when the Browns were beaten 33-13 by the Ravens Sunday in Baltimore. The Ravens switched up their defense from the week before in Pittsburgh and played a Cover 2 defense to take away the deep pass. The Colts used the same scheme in the opener.
   Holcomb, who beat out Tim Couch in the preseason, says opponents will continue playing with two safeties back until the Browns show they can beat it. Holcomb had the ball in his hands 15 times on third down against the Ravens and converted only three times. His quarterback rating was 43.4.
   "They're not going to allow you to have big plays, and when you do have big plays you have to make them," Holcomb said. "You have to be able to run the football to make them come out of Cover 2. We had to throw the ball the who second half to play catch up."
   Couch's biggest criticism was he held onto the ball too long. Now that Holcomb is starting, he is guilty of the same thing.
   Holcomb has one touchdown pass and four interceptions after two games. Receivers say they're getting open, but they're not getting the ball.
   "We're getting open, but it's a bunch of things," said Quincy Morgan, who had two catches for 18 yards against the Ravens. "It's football, man. They outplayed us. I wasn't having trouble getting open. Get a tape and look at it. I can't say what the other guys were doing, but I got open."
   Morgan had one catch in the opener, which the Browns lost 9-6.
   --CB Michael Lehan left the game against the Ravens in the second quarter with a pulled hamstring. He was in street clothes by the second half. He missed the opener with a sore calf muscle.
   --LT Barry Stokes limped on a sore left leg in the second quarter, but he remained in the game and is expected to start against the 49ers next week.
   --K Phil Dawson made field goals of 44 and 35 yards, but one of his kickoffs went out of bounds, giving the Ravens the ball on the 40. The good field position led to a Baltimore field goal.
   --DE Kenard Lang had two sacks. The Browns totaled four sacks against Raven QBs Kyle Boller and Chris Redman. Boller and Redman had a combined 29.4 passer rating, but the Ravens dominated the game.

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