Scouting the MAC: Marshall

Could it be that Marshall won't be the class of the MAC in 2003? Possibly as the team squeaked out several close victories last season then lost a lot of senior talent. Yet don't be fooled; this is still a program loaded with NFL talent.

As usual, the eyes of scouts will be on the Thundering Hurd offense. Receiver Darius Watts has great explosion and speed, as well as nice size. He breaks it deep and makes the tough reception. Watts can be a one-man show and big play wide out but has been hindered by a lack of focus and concentration, which leads to more than a few drops. For all his great athleticism, Watts is not as consistent or productive as he should be. And while he was bothered with a shoulder injury last year, Watts really needs to turn it up in all manners to be a first day pick next April. Josh Davis is a lot more consistent than Watts and a reliable receiver that always finds the open spot on the field, getting separation from defenders. He doesn't have the same speed as his teammate but Davis, only a junior, is a very good pro-prospect. Tackle Nate McPeek is quick, nimble and athletic. He combines solid blocking range with good strength yet McPeek is rather haphazard in his movements and lacks the great body control. He is a solid developmental prospect. Jason Rader is a solid blocking tight end, effective as a pass catcher in the short field. He could find a home for a team that wants a blocking-third tight end.

On defense there is not a whole lot, which is the norm. Linebacker Charles Tynes is a good athlete better sized to play safety but a prospect that must start making more plays on the field.

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