Scouting the MAC: Buffalo/Kent State/Ohio

<b><u>Buffalo</u></b></p> <p>The Buffalo Bulls moved to Division I-A just a few years ago and have since been the doormat of the MAC. Their pro-prospects are minimal. Jeff Mills is a nice sized lineman with growth potential.

Effective blocking for the run, he's not bad in pass protection either. Inside linebacker Lamar Wilcher is a tough middle line player who throws his body around the field but has limited skills in pass coverage. Safety Mark Graham is an underrated defender that flies around the field and a fierce run defender solid against the pass.

Kent State

Minimal prospects on the Kent State roster. Steve Smith is an explosive center who gets the edge on opponents with his quickness. Smith blocks with great fundamentals but lacks bulk on the inside, which will give him difficulty at the next level.


The Bobcats option-type offense does not develop players for the next level hence the prospects coming from this program into the NFL have been few and far between. We are watching two linemen, both similar in style. Brian Brown is an explosive guard whose quickness gives him the upper edge on opponents. Brown is somewhat effective blocking on the move but lacks bulk and strength, which gives him limited upside for the next level. Defensive end Keith Adamson is a good athlete with nice playing speed. He has the ability to pursue laterally and catch the action from the backside. Also limited by size, Adamson may be best off standing over tackle in a three-four alignment.

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