Tennessee Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday news and notes on the Tennessee Titans.

--CB Andre Woolfolk (toe) has a chance to return to practice Wednesday, and if he does he may play as the nickel against New Orleans.
--RB Chris Brown (hamstring) could be back to nearly full speed this week and could see his first NFL action Sunday against New Orleans.
--DE Jevon Kearse seems to be on track after missing most of last season with a foot injury. He applied good pressure on Peyton Manning in Indy and now has a sack and a half.
--RG Benji Olson is expected to miss at least a couple games with a right knee. His streak of 73 consecutive starts will end as Tom Ackerman plays in his place.
--RG Tom Ackerman was expecting to play center this season, but he lost that job when he had minor knee surgery during camp and Justin Hartwig played well. Now Ackerman will play RG while Benji Olson recovers from a knee sprain.
--TE Shad Meier continues to play well in the absence of Frank Wycheck who is recovering from a concussion.
--TE Frank Wycheck said he came back too soon in the preseason from the concussion he suffered in the Aug. 16 game against Buffalo. He got dinged again in the season opener against Oakland and is now out indefinitely.
--DT Albert Haynesworth is out Sunday after nearly dislocating his elbow in Indianapolis. Kevin Carter will play more tackle and the Titans will look to James Atkins and Rien long for more.
--DE Kevin Carter had been playing DT on bug pass rush downs so the Titans could get their best four pass rushers on the field together. But with Albert Haynesworth (elbow) out a few games Carter may be asked to do more work inside.
--QB Steve McNair will still be dealing with a sore left knee and a swollen and sore right ring finger when the Titans resume practice on Wednesday. He could be limited during the week, but there is no doubt he will play on Sunda

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