Jaguars Mid-Week Wrap

Practice notes and team news heading into week three of the 2003 NFL season.

--Mike Peterson is eager to take on the Colts Sunday.
   "I can't wait. I'm pumped up," he said of his first game in the RCA Dome since he left the Colts for a Jaguar free agent deal that included $4 million in up front money this spring.
   "I'm fired up right now. I'd rather tee it up right now," he said.
   What has Peterson so anxious to play is the way he left Indianapolis. The Colts not only didn't bid for him, they virtually told him not to let the door hit him on the way out.
   Peterson hasn't forgotten that general manager Bill Polian was quoted in the Indianapolis Star at the start of free agency as saying, "Mike has been a good player for us. But Tony (Dungy) made the point that at these prices, you'd like them to be great players, not good players."
   Peterson said, "The whole way the process went down, I've still got that bottled up inside me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't. They never came to me and said, "Mike, we can't sign you. Mike, we can't afford you. Thanks for what you did for us.' I learned about it through the paper. I gave you four years, I deserve a little more than that."
   He added, "They came out with a statement that he's good, but not great. Of course, it bothered me. I never heard anything. There was no kind of communication. That's why I was ticked off a little."
   Under any conditions, Peterson said he'd be fired up to be playing against his old teammates.
   The way the Colts handled it, he said, "added a little gas to the fire."
   Dungy, the Colts' coach, said Wednesday that Peterson was a good fit in the Jaguars' system. But Peterson hasn't forgotten that Dungy didn't think he was worth what the Jaguars paid him.
   --Jimmy Smith is halfway through his four-game drug suspension.
   Quarterback Mark Brunell said he's talked to Smith and that he's doing well in rehab.
   He's due to return after the fourth game and the Jaguars appear ready to take him back.
   --The loss of Jermaine Lewis for the season with a knee injury is a major blow because Jacksonville's kick return situation is up in the air. They're going to give NFL Europe player David Allen a shot at the role, but they cut him from the practice squad just a week ago.
   --Kiwaukee Thomas' groin injury hurts the Jaguars' pass defense, but he was a good nickel back.
   --If James Trapp doesn't make it back this week from an ankle injury, Jacksonville will be even more vulnerable. The Jags tried Brad Franklin and rookie Rashean Mathis in that role when Thomas went out and both struggled.

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