Patriots Monday Madness

Patriots team news and notes.

--Coach Bill Belichick offered no new injury updates except to reiterate that nose tackle Ted Washington has a broken leg and will miss a few weeks. Mike Vrabel (right arm), Adrian Klemm (unknown), David Patten (leg) and Ty Law (ankle) will all be evaluated over the next couple of days.
   --DT Rick Lyle moved in for the injured Ted Washington and will start at nose tackle in Washington if the Patriots stay in a 3-4 front, which is becoming harder to do with each passing week and lengthening injury list.
   --S Antwan Harris has fallen off the depth chart since starting the season opener at safety. When Law left the game with an ankle injury, Asante Samuel moved into the No. 2 cornerback spot and Aric Morris moved in as the nickel back. Morris was out of position and gave up a 29-yard touchdown pass in the win, however.
   --LB Rosevelt Colvin was placed on injured reserve Monday with a broken hip, which means he cannot return this season. While the Patriots claim Colvin should make a full recovery, the injury could be career threatening depending on how it affects the hip socket.
   --FB Patrick Pass was re-signed to the roster to take Colvin's spot. Pass was released at the end of training camp.
   --QB Tom Brady claims that his battered right arm is fine. "There is nothing to worry about," he said. "There are a lot of guys with bumps and bruises and that's the way the game is. It's not for the feint of heart. We have to fight through it."
   --RB Kevin Faulk finished just three yards shy of his single-game career best rushing effort with 79 yards and the Patriots finished with 147, their most in the last 11 games. "Kevin is very versatile in the running game and passing game," offensive lineman Damien Woody said. "Everybody did a good job up front of moving the line of scrimmage and letting the backs make their moves."
   --P Ken Walter continued his streak of shanking a punt a game, but his mis-hit on Sunday rolled for a 51-yarder. Walter's job security may be shaky, although kicker Adam Vinatieri's comfort level with Walter as his holder may be a factor in the punter getting extra rope.
   --TE Daniel Graham tied his career long reception with a 31-yard grab on the Patriots' first possession of the game, but his 31-yarder last year in Buffalo came on a tight end screen rather than a longer pass down the middle. Sunday against the Jets he showed good instincts when he broke off his route and ran down the middle as Brady surveyed the field and had no one open. Graham found a seam on what would be considered a scramble-drill type of route as Brady shuffled to his left and fired down the middle to Graham.

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