Simply offensive in San Diego

The San Diego Chargers are a troubled team. From a high-priced wide receiver, to a defense that has been offensive, head coach Marty Schottenheimer has his hands full and he needs to become offensive.

Is there hope in San Diego?  Believe it or not, the answer is a resounding, maybe? Head coach Marty Schottenheimer is a proven winner, he has gotten the job done in Cleveland, Kansas City, and even in Washington until he was run by Dan Snyder. Contrary to some reports, Schottenheimer has not lost this San Diego team and according to an AFC West Coast scout in attendance at the Chargers game against the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday, improvement is close.

"Schottenheimer right now may not appear to have a grasp on the situation in San Diego, but you can bet your bottom-dollar that he knows exactly what he is doing. Each week the team has improved, it may not be noticeable on the scoreboard yet, but technically and fundamentally, the Chargers are improving," the scout said. "The issues that he (Schottenheimer) will have to deal with throughout the season will be difficult. Getting an ordinary group of linebackers to overachieve will be critical to the success of this team, right now the defense has not shown the ability to consistently fill the right gaps, not have they shown they can contain the edges."

Missed tackles, mental breakdowns, and a surprising lack of physical presence mark this San Diego roster. Relatively inexperienced in the defensive backfield, the Chargers have improved against the pass, but stopping the run is entirely another story.

"Actually, it (Chargers run defense) was better on Sunday. Jamal Lewis did most of his damage (23-132) on five or six carries, which points to the defense suffering a breakdown in the scheme," the scout continued. "But, everyone knew that the Ravens were going to run the football and San Diego game-planned to stop the run. Overall, San Diego was better defensively, but they were not able to put the game into the hands of Baltimore rookie quarterback Kyle Boller."

As the defense shows promise, the offense has shown some life, but inconsistency, questionable execution, and a lack of creatively continue to hamper the Chargers. David Boston was signed to provide San Diego a legitimate threat in the passing game, which is expected to compliment talented running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

"Signing David Boston was a very, very questionable endeavor by A.J. Smith. He (Smith) knew that this team needed weapons for (Drew) Brees, but Boston has been an enigma throughout his career," the scout said. "In Arizona, Boston was a moody player, was undisciplined as far as a team approach to the game, and had been pretty focused on individual achievements, namely his own."

"Going back to Brees, he did not play against Baltimore and watching film from the first two games, he didn't look good in those games either. It is thought Schottenheimer does not believe Brees is the quarterback of the future in San Diego, right now he (Brees) does not look to be. This kid is at his best when he can improvise and get into a quick offensive rhythm, the San Diego offense is not structured that way."

Rumors and whispers are making their rounds that the Chargers organization is seriously considering tightening the reigns on the coaching staff. The next few weeks could seal the fate and change the direction of this Chargers team that was expected to be a playoff contending team.

Something is wrong in San Diego, the question will be whether patience will be exercised to build this team or another coach will ultimately be blamed for the questionable decisions of an entire organization.

Right now, the ball is in Schottenheimer's hands and he needs to open up his offense.

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