The walls have ears

Talk and thoughts within some organizations that isn't intended to be open for discussion in a public forum.

Denver: Oh what a 4-0 record can do for a team, nothing could be finer than Jake Plummer in Denver. Not too bad for a guy that was hearing the jeers from the fans through training camp and into the first two-weeks of the regular season.


For Plummer, it was really just a point of getting accumulated to the offensive scheme and the players that surround him.


"We have had a good couple weeks, but we also know and believe that we have a long way to go before we are a good team. I have to make better decisions and be more consistent in what I do," Plummer said. "As a team, I am not really used to being in the position we are (in Denver) in. Having the opportunity to come to Denver and play within an offense that I believe I am a better fit in has been a blessing."


San Diego: Wide receiver David Boston may have returned to the team following a one-game suspension by the team, but by no means has the player and organization kissed and made up.


Head coach Marty Schottenheimer is not too happy with the carefree attitude that Boston has possessed prior to the suspension and thereafter. Discussions have taken place within the Chargers organization as to what course of action the team will take with the moody wide receiver.


According to our ears in San Diego, the Chargers are seriously considering invoking a clause in Boston's contract that stipulates just cause by the team to act accordingly in suspension or termination of the player's contract if he is in breech of acts detrimental to the team and organization. The team would still face all salary-cap ramifications from releasing Boston, but they believe there would be possible recourse in securing some of the signing bonus he was paid by the team.


Detroit: The Lions may have lost the game Sunday to the Denver Broncos, but within the Detroit organization, the positive results in the loss have many believing the team is definitively headed in the right direction.


The defensive line remains a concern according to our voice in Detroit. Head coach Steve Mariucci is not pleased that the line has been unable to generate a pass rush, which would take pressure off an already suspect defensive backfield. Overall, the line play has improved, but in the words of the head coach, "We have a long way to go before we are a good football team, but we have begun to see some positive signs."


Another area of concern for the team is the speed at the linebacker positions. Outside of rookie outside linebacker Boss Bailey, the linebackers (Earl Holmes, Barrett Green, and Wali Rainer) have been slow to fill the holes, giving the opposition too many second-and-short yardage situations.


Cincinnati: A win is a win for the Bengals, but none is sweeter than a victory over the Cleveland Browns. Sitting at 1-3, the Bengals are a much better team than the record indicates. Having lost close contests to the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers in the week prior to defeating the Browns, it was only a matter of time until the Bengals would break into the victory column.


As one member of the Cincinnati front office proudly put it us on Tuesday, "Coming into the Cleveland game, we knew that we could beat them. Looking at them (the Browns) on tape, they are not physical, they do not play with heart, and they make many mistakes. Come to think of it, they looked like this organization prior to Marvin Lewis coming aboard here (in Cincinnati)."


Pittsburgh: The tale of the two-headed Steelers reared its head again Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. One week the Steelers couldn't stop the run if their life depended upon it and the next, the defensive secondary plays as if they were on a Siesta. There is always ‘that team' that causes another a problem, regardless of the records, Tennessee is that to the Steelers.


"The way that we played is an embarrassment to this organization (Pittsburgh Steelers) and the fans," one front office member stated. "We have to play with attitude and fire, we did not have that focus for the entire sixty-minutes Sunday and you cannot win in this league playing that way."


"Another thing that we have to look at is getting back to Steelers football, lets get dirty and physical. I think we have all seen enough trick and gadgets plays for awhile."

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