NFL Ranting Roundup

In, around, and about recent happenings in the NFL.

·        Four weeks into the season, who would have thought the Minnesota Vikings would be 4-0? Despite an owner in Red McCombs that have made a mockery of the NFL ownership system with his backdoor dealings in regards to the future of the team in the Twin Cities, the Vikings keep winning. Why are they winning? Teamwork baby, head coach Mike Tice's personality has rubbed off on his team in a big way and it hasn't hurt that Tice has had the luxury of getting a couple veteran defensive backs in the secondary that can still play the game (Walker and Irvin). Not too shabby for a coach that prior to the season was not looked upon as having much job security. By the way, did anyone happen to notice Sunday that wide receiver Randy Moss kicked his game up a few notches in the Vikings 35-7 ambush of the San Francisco 49ers? Not only did Moss outshine San Francisco's Terrell Owens, backup Minnesota quarterback Gus Frerotte was a gun-slinger and his play on Sunday has made Tice's decision to rest starter Daunte Culpepper till after the bye-week all the easier.


·        Speaking of Owens, our ears in San Francisco tell us that the 49ers will not re-sign the ‘me first' wide receiver to a contract extension. Owens will play out the 2003 season with San Francisco, and then head out to greener pastures. Note out to Jeff Garcia… are a very good West Coast style offense quarterback, with Erickson screwing around with the offense, you and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp may be doomed.


·        What is there really to think about the latest tale in St. Louis where Mrs. Kurt Warner has went on the airwaves, pleading the never-ending case of her benched husband. Warner lost his starting job to Marc Bulger following the ‘concussion-fumble' affair in New York against the Giants in week-one of the season and the Mrs. has been boiling ever since. Mrs. Warner noted that a trade would be nice for her husband, too bad we haven't heard from Kurt until the Mrs. Again stood-up for her husband. The Rams have no intention on dealing him this season and from what we have been told, the word around the league is that Kurt would have to take a serious pay-cut to land a new gig. Some have even suggested thjat he is damaged good, go figure.


·        In ‘Butch We Trust' was the motto of the Cleveland Browns when Butch Davis was lured away from the college Miami Hurricanes prior to the 2001 season. It wasn't the three-plus million dollars a season that brought him to Cleveland. Well, the motto is shot, the team is in turmoil, and the players and fans are going at it. When does it end for Butch in Cleveland? We haven't heard anything that has been cast in stone, but knowing the likes of Team President Carmen Policy, he always has an angle and it has been suggested to us here that he just may be keeping an eye open for Cleveland's next victim.


·        Baltimore head coach Brian Billick loves to be the center of attention. Just ask him, he'll tell you, but his latest strategically enhanced move even has lame-duck owner Art Modell in tears. For Modell, the 2003 season is his final year as an owner in the NFL and he wants to go out a winner. From what we have been told by our guys in Baltimore, Modell asked Billick prior to the start of the season if the team could win now with rookie Kyle Boller at quarterback, for which Billick replied, "That is why we drafted him Art (Modell), he is going to be a very good quarterback in this league." Then Modell replied, "We're not talking about when I am gone, I want to win now."


·        Kudos to the Dallas Cowboys and head coach Bill Parcells. Taking a team that was an underachieving bunch in 2002, he has turned the program around and he hasn't even had the opportunity to fill the roster with his type of players. Quarterback Quincy Carter has taken such a liking to Parcells, that when the old coach rips him up, he cannot get down about it. "He (Parcells) has shown a lot of faith in me by his naming me his starting quarterback. Believe me, he lets me know when I screw up, you wouldn't believe how many times he tells me about it." And for Parcells' take, "I'll make a quarterback out of him (Carter) yet."

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