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Before we all get excited about the performance of Miami Dolphins quarterback Brian Griese against the San Diego Chargers, let's remember whom he played against. Sure, the Dolphins had no running game to speak of and Griese was very good, but who hasn't had a good day against the Chargers (except for the offensively inept Cleveland Browns). Griese was proficient and directed the Miami offense well, and exactly as the coaching staff had hoped.

  • For the past few weeks, the talk within the Dolphins camp has been the lack of a serious passing game, which would diversify an offense that has become too predictable. The offensive scheme is much more structured in Miami under offensive coordinator Norv Turner, than that of Griese's previous experience in Denver under Mike Shanahan. This structure and offense which operates on the safe side of conservative are a solid fit for Griese, who showed a tendency to make mistakes in the much more complicated Denver offense.
  • Despite losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys have no reason to hang their heads. Some areas of concern head coach Bill Parcells has noted this season were evident against the Buccaneers. The running game has been a sore topic with Parcells and the inability of the Cowboys to run the football Sunday hampered the progress of the offense. Troy Hambrick does not possess the speed and quickness which strikes fear in the opposing defense, rookie Avion Cason is inexperienced and not physically compatible to be a feature running back in the Parcells scheme. The offensive line is serviceable, but as we have noted here previously, Parcells has been pushing the line and it is not a secret he wants to improve the size and physical nature of his linemen, Parcells was extremely disappointed that the Buccaneers were able to push his offensive linemen into the backfield on numerous occasions Sunday.
  • Don't expect Washington Redskins head coach Steve Spurrier to resign from coaching the team anytime soon. Spurrier has been adamant in his claims he will return for the 2004 season in Washington, despite rumors circulating he would resign after the season. Spurrier's second season with the Redskins has been a difficult one on the coach as the team flounders following a quick start to the season. Spurrier and Redskins owner Daniel Snyder have battled through player personnel moves the owner insisted on having his right hand man, Director of Player Personnel, Vinny Cerrato make. Coaching the game remains enjoyable for Spurrier, but having Snyder over his shoulder, especially in recent weeks as the team is struggling has become an annoyance. Quietly, indications coming from league sources are Snyder is wavering and is not fully committed to Spurrier beyond the 2003 season.

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