Sunday Gray Team Report

Defensive intensity was the order of the day for Sunday's Gray squad practice. The defensive linemen dominated their offensive counterparts during drills while the defensive backs caused problems for the QB's and WR's all practice long.

No fewer than 5 defensive linemen impressed scouts by dominating the offensive linemen in drills all day long. Damane Duckett, yesterdays most impressive DT, continued to dominate. He bull rushed through every OG that he was matched up with and continued to demonstrate good lateral quickness during drills. We overheard several scouts discussing how impressed they were with him. Jon Bradley showed a great first step and possibly the best motor in Montgomery. After each repetition during drills, he would pop up, or just turn around and sprint back to his coach to await instruction. Anthony Maddox and Brandon Calton also impressed. Calton plays with good leg drive and displays good leverage and technique. Anthony Maddox displays both quickness and the ability to play low to the ground. Both he and Calton seem to have trouble breaking free once engaged with a blocker though. Michale Spicer also displayed a quick first step and nice leg drive.

The Gray team features several defensive backs that scouts are watching closely. CB Chris Thompson shows good speed and a nice change of direction. Rayshun Reed, a FS in college, looked solid playing CB. He also has excellent speed and does a very good job making plays on the ball once it is in the air. Marcus Winn another highly rated small school defensive back has not stood out as of yet. Scouts from several teams were watching both Reed and Thompson very closely.

On the offensive side of the ball, Luke McCown was unable to follow up yesterday's impressive performance. He struggled throwing deep out patterns for most of the practice. On several plays during the scrimmage, he did show off his mobility. Terrance Cooper continues to make impressive plays at WR while Michael Gaines showed off his versatility lining up at FB for several plays.

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