Sunday Blue Team Report

The second day of practice for the Blue team here in Montgomery saw the intensity level raised considerably from the previous day. After a team picture and special teams work the team was split into groups for positional 1 on 1 drills before a long scrimmage finished up the day. The players were clearly enjoying themselves and most scouts seemed pleased with the intensity once practice really began.

As is always the case at these games the 1 on 1 linemen drills attracted the attention of the vast majority of scouts in attendance. Several players stood out for the Blue squad, though the linemen appear to be stronger on the gray squad. Quinn Christensen had the best day of all offensive linemen. Lining up at LT and RT he showed the footwork needed to play in space in the NFL. Christensen plays with a good forward lean and does a good job of keeping his hands on the defender once engaged. Luke McPeek continued to struggle at RT but had a good day at OG. His difficulty playing in space may force a permanent move inside at the next level. Kurt Sigler also had a tough day at tackle and also struggled playing in space. Jim Molinaro and Nick Romero continued to have solid days. Both Luke Salmons and Chris McKelvy had difficult days.

There were several standouts on the defensive line for the Blue squad on Sunday. Michael O'Brien continued to impress with his hustle and his quickness. At 1 point in practice, he beat his man so quickly that he was almost untouched 3 times in a row. Both Dietrich Canterburry and Raheem Orr were impressive at defensive end. Each showed the ability to beat their man to the outside, while Canterberry showed the ability to simply bull rush his man or swim past him inside.

The Blue Squads TE's all had big days on Sunday but Penn State's Matt Kranchik had perhaps the best day of anyone. Kranchi is a willing blocker that could be a dominant should he add 10-15 pounds of muscle. At over 6'6 he easily has the frame to do so. Kranchik also displayed soft hands in traffic and does a good job of using his size to shield the defender from the ball. Nate Lawrie another big guy made several big plays and looked solid as a blocker. He did drop several catchable balls though. At WR Andrae Thurman continues to impress scouts with his propensity to make big plays.

Defensively Marvin Jackson had perhaps the best day of any player in Montgomery. He had several pass breakups down field and made 1 highlight reel interception. Linebackers Deryck Toles and Renauld Williams also looked good in pass coverage showing the ability to move sideline to sideline.

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