Gray team primer

After a short week of practicing and interviewing with NFL scouts, players at the Blue-Gray game finally get to line up on Christmas day. This is the first opportunity for many of the players in this game to be seen by a national audience as the game features several players most football fans have never heard of. After scouting all the practices this week,&nbsp; here is a look at who we think is worth watching in the game and how each member of the Gray team fared every day in practice.<br>

When the Gray Has the Ball
The Gray team should be lead by Luke McCown. McCown is the best-known player in this game and easily the best QB in attendance. He should have several opportunities to make big plays with Terrance Cooper and Huey Whittaker playing WR for him. Both looked good in practice and appear ready to display their skills. Vonte Leach should be able to open holes for any of the Gray TB's. Also, look for Michael Gaines, a college TE, to get some playing time at FB.

Defensively a pair of solid DE's in Deitrich Canterberry and Raheem Orr will lead the Blue team. Renauld Williams and Deryck Toles provide speed and big play ability at LB for the Blue team. Marvin Jackson adds big play ability and a possible shutdown CB.

Name: Dennis Alexander Pos:  School: Alabama Ht:  6044 Wt: 339
Saturday: Does not look ready to play in this game. A step slow and showing almost zero knee bend.
Sunday: Very inconsistent. Holds his ground sometimes, gets blown up other times.
Monday: Not strong.
Name: Steve Baggs   Pos: OLB School Bethune-Cookman Ht: 6005 Wt 235
Saturday: Neither quick nor fluid in reverse.
Sunday: Used at DE. Quick first step can get to the outside.
Monday: Does a nice job of flowing to the sideline. May not be fast enough to play in the middle. Does a great job getting up field at DE.
Name: Bobby Blizzard Pos: TE School North Carolina Ht: 6042 Wt 262
Monday: Made some nice catches downfield. Show better than average athleticism.
Name: Jon Bradley Pos: DT  School Arkansas State Ht: 6012 Wt 289
Saturday: Quick first step. Gets penetration.
Sunday: Uses his hands well, has some nice counter moves. Never stops hustling.
Name: Brandon Calton Pos: DT School East Tennessee St Ht: 6030 Wt 291
Sunday: Good leg drive, plays with leverage, difficulty coming off blocks.
Monday: quick first step. Trouble coming off blocks.
Name: Jason Clark Pos: OLB School Mississippi State Ht: 6014 Wt 240
Sunday: Nice lateral range.
Monday: Unnatural in pass coverage. Indecisive and has trouble coming off blocks.
Name: Damane Duckett Pos: DT School East Carolina Ht: 6060 Wt 303
Saturday: Dominating opposing blockers with his bull rush techniques.
Sunday: Shows the ability to slide down the line and make plays against the run. Dominates blockers in 1 on 1 situations.
Monday: Sloppy in drills today. If he gets lazy and stands up he gets dominated.
Name: Deandre' Eiland  Pos: S School South Carolina Ht: 5114 Wt 202
Saturday: Very quick in his backpedal. Stays low and reacts quickly.
Sunday: Not fluid in his hip turn and also takes a false step sometimes coming out of his backpedal.
Monday: May not be quick enough to play CB. Has the range to cover the deep middle at FS though.
Name: Cedric Fields Pos: C School Baylor Ht: 6025 Wt 279
Saturday: Having a hard time holding his ground against the DT's here.
Sunday: Does a nice job turning his man. Can get to the second level. Not a dominating presence.
Monday: Slides well in pass protection. Hasn't shown any mean streak at all.
Name: Zach Fletcher Pos: WR School Alabama Ht: 6031 Wt 192
Monday: Tends to be sloppy in all phases of his game.
Name: Dre Fulgham Pos: WR School Alabama Ht: 6010 Wt 219
Monday: Does a nice job of extending to reach the ball at it's highest point. Runs consistent routes, though not very fast.
Name: Michael Gaines Pos: TE School Central Florida Ht: 6022 Wt 288
Sunday: Used at FB. Inconsistent in routes and hands. Nice blocker.
Monday: Nice catch followed up by several plays in a row with poor effort.
Name: DeJaun Green  Pos: RB School South Florida Ht: 5110 Wt 200
Sunday: Quick feet, nice change of direction. Good speed.
Monday: lets the ball get to his body on passing routes, quick and elusive.
Name: Brandon Hall Pos: T School Troy State Ht: 6034 Wt 312
Saturday: Gets blown off the ball, has trouble playing in space. Does not keep up with double moves at all.
Sunday: Does not play strong.
Monday: Can get to the second level, turns his man but does not move him back.
Name: Atlas Herrion Pos: School Alabama Ht: 6031 Wt 293
Monday: Holding his ground in pass blocking. Hard to get away from once he locks on. Inconsistent with his knee bend.
Name: Terrance Cooper Pos: WR School East Carolina Ht: 5114 Wt 201
Saturday: Able to get deep. Physical WR, built more like a RB.
Sunday: Continues to make plays beating every man he faces off against.
Monday: Does a nice job getting downfield. Running better routes than the last 2 days. Extends his hands to make the catch.
Name: Kellen Brantley  Pos: OLB School Wake Forest Ht: 6022 Wt 237
Sunday: appears comfortable in pass coverage.
Monday: Nice speed to sidelines.
Name: Keylon Kincade Pos: RB School SMU Ht: 5105 Wt 204
Monday: Runs high, indecisive making his cuts and reading his blocks.
Name: Vick King Pos: RB School McNeese State Ht: 5102 Wt 215
Monday: Shows good speed and reads blocks well. Keeps his legs driving forward.
Name: Vonta Leach  Pos: FB School East Carolina Ht: 6000 Wt 248
Sunday: Very strong runner, stays low and keeps moving his legs.
Monday: Showed good routes and hands in the passing game. Does a nice job of turning his man in run blocking.
Name: Nautyn McKay-Loescher  Pos: DE School Alabama Ht: 6024 Wt 257
Saturday: Nice move to the outside. Plays stronger than his size would indicate.
Sunday: Shows a nice move inside today. Strong enough to bull rush much larger tackles.
Monday: McKay-Loescher did not practice on Monday, though he was present. Derrick Pope, his Alabama teammate wore his jersey inside out for practice.
Name: Robert Kent Pos: QB School Jackson State Ht: 6042 Wt 213
Sunday: Inconsistent with his throws. Has trouble with accuracy on deep passes and tends to hang the ball.
Monday: Threw some nice balls but still flutters his passes.
Name: Anthony Maddox Pos: DT School Delta State Ht: 6012 Wt 286
Saturday: Full of hustle
Sunday: Quick player who stays low to the ground. Has trouble coming off blocks but continues to drive his man backwards.
Name: Luke McCown Pos: QB School Louisiana Tech Ht: 6036 Wt 201
Saturday: Nice zip on passes under 20 yards. Accurate thrower and very Positive.
Sunday: Has difficulty throwing the deeper out patterns. Very mobile and has the ability to slide within the pocket and feel the pressure.
Name: Nate McKinney Pos: P School Appalachian State Ht: 5110 Wt 234
Sunday: Shows very good leg strength.
Name: Mark Moroz Pos: T School Wake Forest Ht: 6035 Wt 283
Saturday: Does a nice job of sticking to his man once engaged.
Sunday: Uses his hands to keep defensive linemen at bay. May not have the feet to play LT or the strength to play RT.
Monday: Trouble getting to the outside. Plays with a mean streak.
Name: Richard Owens Pos: TE School Louisville Ht: 6041 Wt 271
Saturday: Very good long snapper.
Sunday: Continues to impress as a long snapper.
Name: Derrick Pope Pos: OLB School Alabama Ht: 5111 Wt 222
Saturday: Seems small.
Sunday: Gets engulfed by blockers.
Monday: Excellent lateral movement. Very good in pass coverage.
Name: Rayshaun Reed Pos: S School Troy State Ht: 5097 Wt 182
Saturday: Being used at CB. Nice job in man coverage. Stays with his man, not physical at all.
Sunday: Demonstrates nice speed and the athleticism to make plays on the ball in the air.
Monday: Looks good at CB. Show the speed and fluidity to stay with his man deep.
Name: Josh Scobee Pos: PK School Louisiana Tech Ht: 6011 Wt 188
Name: Nick Seitze  Pos: C School Kentucky Ht: 6045 Wt 294
Saturday: Had difficulty at OC. Slow off the snap.
Sunday: Does not play strong. Gets forced off the line of scrimmage and has difficulty maintaining his blocks.
Name: Cody Spencer Pos: ILB School North Texas State Ht: 6016 Wt 236
Saturday: Did not stand out. Looks the part though.
Sunday: Does a nice job against the run but is unable to make plays against the outside run. Seems uncomfortable in pass coverage.
Name: Michale Spicer Pos: DE School Western Carolina Ht: 6016 Wt 255
Saturday: Had trouble coming off of blocks once engaged.
Sunday: Nice first step. Shows good leg drive and plays with leverage.
Name: Chris Thompson Pos: CB School Nicholls State Ht: 5112 Wt188
Saturday: High in his backpedal, inconsistent in staying in his backpedal, not physical. Very quick coming out of his cuts.
Sunday: Demonstrates nice speed. Very fluid.
Name: Michael Waddell Pos: CB School North Carolina Ht: 5106 Wt 183
Saturday: Does a nice job of staying with the WR. A tad undersized though.
Sunday: Having difficulty with double moves and bigger, more physical WR's.
Name: Huey Whittaker Pos: WR School South Florida Ht: 6040 Wt 225
Saturday: Big guy with nice size. Does a nice job of extending his hands and catching the ball off of his body.
Sunday: Inconsistent in his route running.
Name: Jeremy Caudill Pos: DT School Kentucky Ht: 6026 Wt 300
Sunday: Plays high.
Monday: Good effort, little quickness or speed, can drive his man backwards though.
Name: Quintin Williams Pos: S School Wake Forest Ht: 5111 Wt 191
Sunday: Quick to react to the run. Better against the run then the pass.
Monday: Shows a nice backpedal today and changes direction quickly. Reacts quickly to anything in front of him.
Name: Jupiter Wilson Pos: G School North Carolina Ht: 6032 Wt 324
Saturday: Looks the part but gets dominated at the point of attack.
Sunday: Seems unable to hold his ground against any of the opposing defensive linemen.
Monday: Wilson does show the ability to get to the second level and to get outside when pulling. Does a nice job of driving his man backwards in run blocking situations.
Name: Marcus Winn Pos: S School Alabama State Ht: 6002  Wt 212
Saturday: Does not stand out.
Sunday: Does not stand out. Seems slow to react to the run.
Monday: May be a step slow but does show solid playmaking skills. Wins the battle with WR's when going for the ball. Shows some nice recovery ability.

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