The Rod Malone Experience

<b><u>Overall experience&nbsp;</u> </b> <p> Overall the experience was a tremendous opportunity for me.&nbsp; I really learned a lot from the practices and heard a lot of interesting perspectives from the coaches and from the scouts during the week.

I want to thank the organizers of the game and especially Charlie Wilson for the opportunity to participate.  I would like to thank Coach Tayrien for his guidance during the week.  I feel that I gained a lot of confidence during the week from competing against the best talent in Division II.  That competition inspires me to keep working harder and preparing to compete against the best competition in the country.  I know that I can continue to improve and this week taught me that I have to continue to compete at the highest level every single time I hit the field.  I know that my numbers will continue to improve as I work hard in my training program.   I enjoyed meeting some of the other pro prospects during the week such as Roderick Green, Justin Kamrath and Keith Heckendorf.   Some of the friendships that I developed during the week will stay with me for a long time to come.   It was a great experience for me.  The hospitality we received in Kingsville was terrific. 


Highlights of the Week:

  • Being able to showcase my skills for the scouts.
  • Competing against the best talent in Division II.   
  • Having an opportunity to hear Charlie Casserly speak at our banquet. 
  • Getting lots of positive feedback from the NFL scouts and hearing a CFL scout tell me "We would love to have you in the CFL but I know that you will be playing on Sundays this coming season."


Disappointments of the Week:  

  • Not being able to show my best results in the workout due to the difficult testing conditions and the bad weather.
  • Finding out Friday night that there is no Hooters in Kingsville , TX .


Upcoming Plans:

I have returned to St. Paul to continue my training regimen so that I can improve my athletic numbers.  I know that I will need to have a strong performance in my pro-day workout at NDSU since I have not been invited to the Combine.  I feel that if I continue to demonstrate the numbers that I have been putting up, that I will capture that attention.  I know that given the opportunity to showcase my skills, that I will perform on par with the best running backs at the Combine.


I would like to thank Tony Pauline and TFY Draft Preview for the opportunity to write this diary.  They have asked me to continue to add weekly updates on my workouts and the feedback that I am receiving from the NFL teams between now and the draft.  I hope that this information will give you an "insiders" view of the draft and scouting process. 

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