Senior Bowl: North Squad Player Reports

Name: Tim Anderson College: Ohio State Jersey# 54

Ht: 6032 Wt: 304 Hand: 10.5 Arm: 33.5

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build with growth potential

Monday: Got off blocks and made a number of plays.

Tuesday: Played very well; explosive and displayed an array of moves. Constantly got penetration and was tough to stop.

Wednesday: Solid day. Very quick and explosive. Was able to get leverage on opponents. Not strong in his upper body and has difficulty once engaged in a block.

Thursday: Seemed to fade a bit and was not a factor or as effective as he was earlier in the week 

Overall: We got more then expected and good workout could position Anderson in the first day.

Name: Tatum Bell College: Oklahoma Jersey# 27

Ht: 5105 Wt: 201 Hand: 8.5 Arm: 32.12

Weigh In Comments:
Slim but very cut and looks strong in his upper body.

Monday: Soft hand and finished his runs. Solid day.

Tuesday: Displayed a good amount of speed and quickness. Hit the hole well and ran well on the interior. Only adequate hands and fumbled the ball during full scrimmage.

Wednesday: Ran well on the inside and broke a few long ones but once again, fumbled the ball.

Thursday: Ran well and caught the ball well. Ran a nice pattern down the field and made a beautiful reception deep into the secondary.

Overall: Fumbles not withstanding, Bell had a good week. Won't be a number one or feature runner at the next level but would be effective for a team that rotates its' backs like the Eagles.

Name: Jacob Bell College: Miami-Oh Jersey# 74

Ht: 6044 Wt: 306 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 32.25

Weigh In Comments:
Decent build but not a whole lot of definition

Monday: Solid in pass protection and really blocked with excellent fundamentals.

Tuesday: Smart and fundamentally sound but a limited athlete with only marginal playing strength. Was constantly pushed back off the line by several opponents on one-on-one drills.


Thursday: Good position, finesse blocker who blocks with solid fundamentals but lacks the dominant base and got pushed back into the pocket way to much.

Overall: Ordinary week; good techniques but a second day prospect.

Name: Maurice Brown College: Iowa Jersey# 36

Ht: 6000 Wt: 212 Hand: 9 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Cut and looks very strong.

Monday: Dropped a lot of passes all day. Uses his size well.

Tuesday: Up-and-down day. Did not block well in drills and was told so by the Bengals coaching staff. Caught the ball better today as compared to Monday. Still did not stand out.


Thursday: Came alive and looked much better. Caught several nice passes and threw a few solid blocks and applauded by coaches.

Overall: Did not do enough to deserve first day billing.

Name: Sean Bubin College: Illinois Jersey# 73

Ht: 6063 Wt: 301 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 34

Weigh In Comments:
Not real big or much definition. Lots of growth potential.

Monday: Practiced very strong and looked good blocking for the run.

Tuesday: Played left tackle and did a surprisingly good job. Strong and turned opponents out run blocking yet held his own in pass protection. Still, lacks the great feet and we think he's better off on the strong side.

Wednesday: Another solid job at left tackle. Strong and controls the opponent once engaged at the point. 

Thursday: Another good day. Quick with his hands and very strong. Did not get exploited at left tackle as we figured he would.

Overall: Bubin came here and surprised. A good workout will throw him into the first day, though we still feel he's better suited on the right side.

Name: Darrell Campbell College: Notre Dame Jersey# 60

Ht: 6035 Wt: 292 Hand: 11 Arm: 36

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build and very strong.

Monday: Defeated double teams on more than one occasion and got a lot of upfield penetration.

Tuesday: Played left end and was terrific. Got a lot of push up the field and was tough to handle. Beat several opponents all practice and stood out in "the pit." 


Thursday: Another dominant performance. Bull rushed lineman and also showed an array of moves getting around them. Applauded by coaches several times.

Overall: Campbell is driving up draft boards. Right now he's top 40 and could move into the first round with a solid combine. Teams interviewed him several times.

Name: Jordan Carstens College: Iowa State Jersey# 92

Ht: 6056 Wt: 298 Hand: 9 Arm: 33

Weigh In Comments:
Not a whole lot of definition and room for growth.

Monday: Very slow getting off blocks and was handled.

Tuesday: Quick with nice moves and works hard but for the most part was handled most of the morning. Made a few plays but overall, not a good day.


Thursday: Quick with good technique and played with nice lean but easily ridden from his angle of attack.

Overall: Did not improve his stock here at all.

Name: Kirk Chambers College: Stanford Jersey# 67

Ht: 6070 Wt: 310 Hand: 10 Arm: 34

Weigh In Comments:
Tall and lanky. Long arms. Lots of growth potential.

Monday: Solid in pass protection all day.

Tuesday: Played very well. Manned the left tackle spot almost the entire day. Patient and plays with a good degree of intelligence. Good positioning and angles, which he used to overcome his marginal feet. Tall and slender but still looked good.


Thursday: Good session at left tackle. More intelligence, finesse technique then brute strength.

Overall: Chambers impressed a lot of people here this week. A good combine, specifically lifting workout could push him into the first day.

Name: Adrien Clark College: Ohio State Jersey# 77

Ht: 6045 Wt: 334 Hand: 10.25 Arm: 33.25

Weigh In Comments:
Flabby with a lot of rolls but looks like he's got a lot of room to add muscle.

Monday: Solid overall day.

Tuesday: When he snapped to it he was very effective and dominated opponents, driving them off the line or controlling them at the point. Seemed to need a big push at times to get him kick started.


Thursday: Again; when focused he's a dominant force that easily controls defenders but falls asleep too much.

Overall: At the top of his game Clark was the best lineman in attendance but he took a lot of plays off. Combine interviews will be very important.

Name: Keary Colbert College: USC Jersey# 83

Ht: 6006 Wt: 199 Hand: 8.75 Arm: 31.12

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build but not getting much bigger.

Monday: Ran crisp routes, got separation and made the best catch of the day.

Tuesday: Another solid day; ran excellent routes early in the day and caught just about everything thrown to him. Made the catch of the day over the middle in traffic between Derek Strait and Bob Sanders. Lack of speed is apparent.

Wednesday: Solid day and caught just about everything. Polished but not fast nor is he breaking it deep.

Thursday: Again, terrific route runner with solid, consistent hands. No downfield speed though.

Overall: Colbert proved himself to be a solid number two wide out and top 75 pick.

Name: Ricardo Colclough College: Tusculum Jersey# 20

Ht: 5104 Wt: 186 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 32.25

Weigh In Comments:
Good definition and looks strong.

Monday: Had a bit of difficulty; could not stay with receivers out of their breaks.

Tuesday: Good athlete with solid fundamentals but had a tough go of it this morning. Mentally seems a bit slow; hesitant off the line and very slow turning back to the pass. Got beat and would've gotten torched had the quarterbacks been more accurate.

Wednesday: Like yesterday; plays with terrific techniques but very slow turning back to make a play on the ball. Did have a nice pick in practice in a crowd and may be best suited for zone coverage. Returned kicks and took one 40-yards before anyone got near him.

Thursday: Mentally hesitant though his technique, footwork and speed were very good.

Overall: If he plays well tomorrow and pops off a good return, which we expect, he could salvage a  60-70 picking in April.

Name: Chris Cooley College: Utah State Jersey# 89

Ht: 6033 Wt: 257 Hand: 10 Arm: 31.75

Weigh In Comments:
Some definition with room for growth.

Monday: Displayed soft hands and surprisingly good run blocking skills.

Tuesday: Gave good effort blocking and did a solid job. Also caught the ball well in the short field. Smart and was able to find the open spot in the defense during the day.

Wednesday: Solid and moved well catching several passes. Did not show strength blocking and was run over by Darrell Campbell.

Thursday: Made several nice catches in scrimmage and worked hard. Still, average blocker at best. 

Overall: If Colley runs well at the combine he could slide into the late first day. Had a solid week here in Mobile but nothing spectacular.

Name: Dwan Edwards College: Oregon State Jersey# 98

Ht: 6026 Wt: 309 Hand: 10 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build even with minimal definition. Wide body.

Monday: Did a solid job stuffing the run all day but had trouble rushing the passer.

Tuesday: Looked real good up the field. A lot of lower body power and bull rushed opponents off the line all day. Also displayed several good moves and torched Nick Leckey in "the pit".

Wednesday: Another very good outing; explosive off the snap, got leverage on opponents and a lot of push up the field. Also displayed a decent spin and arm over move. More of a straight line run stuffer.

Thursday: Again, got a lot of upfield push and showed an array of moves. Constantly beat linemen all day.

Overall: Edwards quietly had one of the best weeks of any player here and really improved his stock. The Bengals coaches pointed him out by name, even though that was a no-no per Marvin Lewis' rules.

Name: Brandon Everage College: Oklahoma Jersey# 14

Ht: 5115 Wt: 195 Hand: 10 Arm: 33

Weigh In Comments:
Thin build.

Monday: Showed surprising skills reading and diagnosing.

Tuesday: Did a solid job and held his own. Kept the action in front of him and held his own.

Wednesday: Did not stand out.

Thursday: Played downhill. Kept the action in front of him but was terrible when put in man coverage.

Overall: If he moved in any direction this week it was probably down.

Name: Rich Gardner College: Penn State Jersey# 25

Ht: 5104 Wt: 191 Hand: 9 Arm: 31

Weigh In Comments:
Bad looking dude; strong, cut and filled out.


Tuesday: Tough and feisty all day. Really likes to mix it up and take it to the opponent. Decent footwork and break on the pass but did not show great playing speed today and was out run down the field. Better then yesterday when he was constantly getting yelled at by the coaches.

Wednesday: Really think he's best as a zone corner. Comes out of his backpedal to early and really prefers to side shuffle rather then back pedal. Best facing the quarterback.

Thursday: Had a nice pass break-up against Michael Jenkins in the end zone. Great break on the ball.

Overall: Had a tendency to play the ball more than the receiver but had a solid week and comes out of here as one of the better zone corners.

Name: Nick Hardwick College: Purdue Jersey# 63

Ht: 6035 Wt: 283 Hand: 9.25 Arm: 33.5

Weigh In Comments:
Intense looking player. Big arms and tough. Not much fat.


Tuesday: Solid day but not spectacular. Quick and explosive and worked his butt off to stop bigger linemen.

Wednesday: Quick and fights hard. Very good with his hands. Not strong and was over powered at times.

Thursday: Quick and technically sound, but again, was pushed back into the pocket.

Overall: Looks like a good college player that needs to physically mature. Second day choice.

Name: Josh Harris College: Bowling Green Jersey# 5

Ht: 6010 Wt: 235 Hand: 9 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build.

Monday: Showed a strong arm and threw tight spirals but very inconsistent with his accuracy.

Tuesday: Not a good day. Footwork was shoddy setting up in the pocket, sprayed his throws and constantly zings the pass into receivers, making it a tough catch for the target. Also got shaky under pressure during full scrimmage and was apt to take off and run with it too quickly.

Wednesday: Semi-accurate over the middle but out to the flanks or down the field he sprays his throws.

Thursday: Again, sprayed his throws and displayed no timing whatsoever.

Overall: While Harris occasionally threw some beautiful passes for the most part he looked awful here and did not solidify a first day spot.

Name: Bryan Hickman College: Kansas State Jersey# 18

Ht: 6003 Wt: 227 Hand: 9 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Cut and looks muscular. Body filled out.


Tuesday: Strong and physical but only good up in the box as he was constantly beaten in morning pass cover drills.

Wednesday: Strong and very effective in the box or up the field. Shed blocks and stood out against the run yet also displayed some skill covering in the short field.

Thursday: Same as the previous two days. Best in the box or up the field but not effective in reverse.

Overall: Just don't think he helped himself enough to fit into the top three rounds.

Name: Michael Jenkins College: Ohio State Jersey# 12

Ht: 6042 Wt: 217 Hand: 10 Arm: 33

Weigh In Comments:
Tall, thin and very lanky.

Monday: Ran his routes surprisingly well and also caught the ball nicely.

Tuesday: Good day, one of the best, if not the best wide out on the field today. Ran good routes, displayed solid hands and made a lot of difficult grabs. Does not show a lot of quickness off the line and has more built up speed as opposed to being a quick accelerator.

Wednesday: Sensational day. Used his hands well to get off jams at the line, did a solid job running routes and displayed soft, natural hands. Caught everything thrown in his direction and made several difficult grabs where he had to extend over defenders. Was the go to guy today.

Thursday: Another solid day; ran good routes and caught a lot of passes. Had a tough time in battles and definitely a long strider who lacks the burst of speed.

Overall: Jenkins could well have helped himself more than anyone in Mobile. His forty time at the combine will dictate whether or not he is a first round choice.

Name: Julius Jones College: Notre Dame Jersey# 22

Ht: 5095 Wt: 208 Hand: 9 Arm: 31.5

Weigh In Comments:
Cut up and good definition.

Monday: Displayed good vision and hit the hole hard all day, quickly getting through them.

Tuesday: Another very good day. Caught the ball well in the morning and torched several linebackers. Then ran the ball well in full scrimmage showing the speed to cut the corner and beat defenders to the flanks. Also relatively solid on the inside. 

Wednesday:  Ran well to the outside. Explosive and displayed great speed through the hole or around the corner. Also caught the ball well. Very good outing.

Thursday: Another good day  running the ball, receiving, and did well as a kick returner.

Overall: Really improved his stock and had a solid week.

Name: Nate Kaeding College: Iowa Jersey# 95

Ht: 6000 Wt: 182 Hand: 9 Arm: 30

Weigh In Comments:

Monday: Good accuracy and got nice lift on the ball.



Thursday: Was kicking off from the 30-yard line and got them close to the goal line.

Name: Niko Koutouvides College: Purdue Jersey# 34

Ht: 6023 Wt: 238 Hand: 9 Arm: 31.5

Weigh In Comments:
Adequate definition but could use work.

Monday: Did not play to his speed and was constantly a step slow arriving on the scene.

Tuesday: Again, tries to rely on muscle rather than brains to get the job done. Physically defeats opponents but very slow to key or react.

Wednesday: Hard-hitting but very slow thinking and was a late reactor.

Thursday: Looked better in drills than in scrimmage. Just mentally hesitant and a late reactor. Got torched by Tatum Bell for a long reception.

Overall: Physically very good, just not the sharpest tool in the shed and does not play to his athletic numbers.

Name: Travis LaBoy College: Hawaii Jersey# 00

Ht: 6034 Wt: 253 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 33

Weigh In Comments:
Looks cut up and well defined. May not get much bigger.


Tuesday: Quick and athletic but was not able to get off blocks once engaged with opponents and consistently handled at the point by blockers.

Wednesday: Quick off the snap and fast off the edge. Showed an array of moves getting around lineman but still could not get off blocks once engaged with opponents.

Overall: LaBoy did what he does best, rush the passer. But he was exploited all week in run defense and has a tall, lanky frame. He gained notice here though, I wouldn't say he helped himself immeasurably.

Name: Kyle Larson College: Nebraska Jersey# 19

Ht: 6003 Wt: 200 Hand: 9 Arm: 31

Weigh In Comments:

Monday: Started slow but got excellent hang time by the end of practice.




Name: Nick Leckey College: Kansas State Jersey# 53

Ht: 6026 Wt: 290 Hand: 10 Arm: 34

Weigh In Comments:
Big, barrel chest but has room for growth.


Tuesday: Really struggled all day. Was physically beaten and pushed off the ball all morning. Relied on out-positioning defenders off the snap of the ball but it did not work. Played both center and guard.

Wednesday: A little better but nothing spectacular and did not improve his stock. Just gets pushed around the field though he had one solid block on Sopoaga.

Thursday: Rebounded and played well. Quickness and positioning gave him the upper hand today.

Overall: Overall, it was not a good week for Leckey and he may fall from the first day now.

Name: Teddy Lehman College: Oklahoma Jersey# 11

Ht: 6015 Wt: 238 Hand: 9 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Looks cut and well defined.

Monday: Best defender of the day; quick reacting to the action, explosive and wraps up tackling.

Tuesday: Played well up in the box and displayed terrific sideline-to-sideline range. Fast to the flanks or up the field. Struggled early in the day in pass coverage then got beat a few times during the full scrimmage.

Wednesday: Fierce and ran around the field displaying great pursuit. Also explosive up the field. Disappointing in that he was to quick coming up the field and got caught out of position on a number of occasions.

Thursday: Displays a lot of heart and speed but had trouble making plays in reverse.

Overall: We were a bit disappointed in Lehman and feel there is no way now he slides into the late part of round one.

Name: Jeremy LeSueur College: Michigan Jersey# 21

Ht: 6000 Wt: 196 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Thin with some definition.


Tuesday: Played a little out of control at time but for the most part had a solid session. Displayed a lot of quickness and a great break on the ball. Had a terrific pick against Pickett in seven-on-seven.

Wednesday: Explosive and did not get beat. Good technique and very solid.

Thursday: Looked sensational; broke up several passes against Michael Jenkins and constantly around the ball.

Overall: Helped himself more than any other defensive player on the North. Don't be surprised if he sneaks into the late part of round one should he have good workouts prior to the draft.

Name: Johnnie Morant College: Syracuse Jersey# 81

Ht: 6040 Wt: 225 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 36

Weigh In Comments:
Good build with room for growth

Monday: Did not seem comfortable to the point where he was lost at times. On several occasions the whistle was blown and he was taken aside.

Tuesday: Picked it up and had a good day. Started the morning working with coaches on the ball machine to improve his hands. Physically imposing and plays that way; looked outstanding at times during drills and scrimmage running away from defenders and making the tough grab. Yet on several occasions looked like a duck on ice; ran a short patter on one occasion when a long pass was called in the huddle.

Wednesday: As consistent as the weather. Looks like he's sleepwalking at times and was riled by the coaches for everything from foot placement at the line to not finishing plays. Made some great plays then looked terrible on the next snap. Tried to catch a kick-off by extending his hands over his head then pulling the ball out the air and it slipped through his fingers.

Thursday: Again, very erratic and shows no consistency. They began practice by having him work on the ball machine to improve his hands but it didn't work. At one point yelled at for not tucking the ball. Does use his strength as an advantage. 

Overall: Was a player many wanted to see coming into the week and he was very disappointing. Size/speed is still very intriguing. 

Name: John Navarre College: Michigan Jersey# 7

Ht: 6053 Wt: 249 Hand: 9 Arm: 32.5

Weigh In Comments:
Tall with droopy shoulders.

Monday: Had the best day of the North QB's displaying good touch, a decent arm and solid accuracy.

Tuesday: Not as good as yesterday but still had a solid day. Puts nice touch on his throws and displays good timing but will press at times and tends to overshoot the target.

Wednesday: Solid inside of twenty yards but the further down the field he tosses the ball the more he sprays his passes.

Thursday: Did not look good; sprayed his passes and timing was way off.

Overall: Fizzled after a good start and does not look like a first day passer.

Name: James Newson College: Oregon State Jersey# 4

Ht: 6005 Wt: 203 Hand: 9 Arm: 31.5

Weigh In Comments:
Very cut and solid build.


Tuesday: Solid practice. Ran good routes, got separation from defenders and made the difficult grabs all day. On a number of occasions got airborne and contorted to make the tough catch. Not beating anyone down field in a foot race.

Wednesday: A little choppy with his route running but caught the ball well and made several difficult grabs. Got open and caught the ball.

Thursday: Another solid day; ran great routes and caught a lot of difficult passes.

Overall: Newsom caught a lot of passes all week and also caught the interest of several NFL teams. Right now a second round choice and a solid number two receiver at the next level.

Name: Shane Olivea College: Ohio State Jersey# 71

Ht: 6027 Wt: 312 Hand: 9 Arm: 31.5

Weigh In Comments:
Big arms and shoulders but not big in the chest area. Wide body.

Monday: Very explosive and opened a lot of holes for his running backs all day.

Tuesday: Again, another solid practice. Blocks with good fundamentals and very tough. Held his ground and controlled opponents all morning. Really does a fine job staying square. Exploited at times by athletic defenders but raised a lot of eyebrows and improved his stock here.

Wednesday: Another good outing. Tough to get by once he gets leverage as well as his hands on defenders. Lacks the top upper body strength.

Thursday: Another good outing. Tough to get by once he gets leverage as well as his hands on defenders. Lacks the top upper body strength. 

Overall: Faded as the week continued but had a solid outing. Still don't think it was enough to land him in the first day.

Name: Shaun Phillips College: Purdue Jersey# 15

Ht: 6027 Wt: 252 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 34

Weigh In Comments:
Actually looks thin.


Tuesday: Terrific playing speed and immediately gets up the field or takes off in pursuit. Can not shed blocks and chastised by coaches on several occasions for running around blockers rather than trying to defeat them head on.

Wednesday: Had several nice rushes off the edge that resulted in or would've resulted in sacks. Fast and plays that way. Had trouble defending the run and at one point taken off the line by Kris Wilson.

Thursday: Fast and explosive. Beat Shane Olivia several times in drills and displayed great pursuit speed from the backside. Applauded several times by coaches.

Name: Cody Pickett College: Washington Jersey# 3

Ht: 6033 Wt: 227 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Lots of growth potential. Natural build with not a lot of definition.

Monday: Very inconsistent; inaccurate and was consistently low or high of the mark.

Tuesday: Displays a top arm and velocity on his throws. Also throws tight spirals and a catchable ball. Add in his ability to scramble in the pocket and buy time. But the bottom line is he sprayed his passes and they are all over the place.

Wednesday: Improved as the session progressed. Has the arm and throws beautiful spirals and long passes. Relatively accurate but really lacks a sense of timing and pass placement. Had receivers reaching back for the throw over the middle.

Thursday: Threw some crisp passes and accurate on the short to intermediate routes. Best practice of the week.

Overall: Improved as the week progresses and poised for a first day move.

Name: Lousaka Polite College: Pittsburgh Jersey# 43

Ht: 5113 Wt: 244 Hand: 9.25 Arm: 31

Weigh In Comments:
Mean looking build; muscular and tough.

Monday: Good hands but little speed. Did excel with his blocking.

Tuesday: Caught the ball well early in the morning then blocked well in scrimmage. Displayed surprising playing speed during drills.



Name: Will Poole College: USC Jersey# 28

Ht: 5102 Wt: 193 Hand: 10 Arm: 30.5

Weigh In Comments:
Strong build.

Monday: Solid in coverage all day. Showed an explosive break on the pass.

Tuesday: Minor injury to his left knee and did not play.

Wednesday: Did not play, foot injury. Sent home.


Name: Brian Rimpf College: East Carolina Jersey# 69

Ht: 6053 Wt: 315 Hand: 9 Arm: 33.5

Weigh In Comments:
Big, wide body with not a lot of definition.

Monday: Worked hard and did not give up, keeping the linemen in front of him but struggled to adjust.

Tuesday: Smart and held his blocks most of the day. Would cut defenders off, positioning himself to seal his blocks. Not nimble and exploited by quick, agile defensive linemen. Played right tackle most of the day.

Wednesday: Strong, smart but very stiff. Taken to school by Travis LaBoy on one snap.

Overall: May be best at guard. Did not help himself though some coach will like his brains and toughness.

Name: Bob Sanders College: Iowa Jersey# 33

Ht: 5083 Wt: 204 Hand: 9 Arm: 30.5

Weigh In Comments:
Cut up and mean build. Looks like a body builder.

Monday: Had trouble with big receivers but showed good technique and decent range in center field.

Tuesday: Fast, explosive and tough but can not make a play when the pass is in the air. Constantly face guarding opponents and got torched from several deep passes.

Wednesday: Foot injury, sent home. Will be replaced by Will Allen


Name: Stuart Schweigert College: Purdue Jersey# 9

Ht: 6017 Wt: 212 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Nice build with room for growth.


Tuesday: Had some nice plays during morning coverage drills but for the most part non-descript. Constantly repositioned by the coaches and did not always lay it on the line.

Wednesday: Looked good in drills when asked to play press coverage but once the scrimmage started just seemed very hesitant and did not always make the play when the opportunity arose.

Thursday: Almost identical to yesterday. Once the ball is snapped in 11-on-11 he was very late.

Overall: Did not help himself at all and right now a late second to early third round choice.

Name: Antonio Smith College: Oklahoma Jersey# 91

Ht: 6030 Wt: 266 Hand: 10.5 Arm: 35.5

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build; broad up but room for growth.


Tuesday: Athleticism is apparent but must improve his playing strength as he was continually turned off the ball this morning.


Overall: Has the tools and athleticism to work with, but a very non-descript week.

Name: Isaac Sopoaga College: Hawaii Jersey# 48

Ht: 6023 Wt: 321 Hand: 10.5 Arm: 34

Weigh In Comments:
Solid chest and shoulder definition.

Monday: Slow to react and had trouble getting off blocks.

Tuesday: His power and brute strength is apparent, as he would constantly bull rush opponents off the ball and up the field. That said, snap after snap he was chided by Bengal coaches for "playing to tall" and not "keeping his pads down" yet he never changed his style.

Wednesday: Again, gets tall and was neutralized, at one point by Nick Leckey. Does have great power and gets up field push when stays low.

Overall: Offers great power and the ability to push the pocket, but must improve his pad level. Will go first day.

Name: Alex Stepanovich College: Ohio State Jersey# 76

Ht: 6032 Wt: 301 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 32

Weigh In Comments:
Mean build,  yet could get bigger in chest area.

Monday: Held his own but did not stand out.

Tuesday: Inconsistent session; at times looked terrible and got beat badly by defenders then would come back and make a nice block or two, drawing praise from the coaches. 

Wednesday: Played much better and did a solid job controlling defenders. Can't adjust and will be exploited by explosive defenders but strong and played that way.

Overall: Overall did not show well and as a result will fall out of the first day.

Name: Derrick Strait College: Oklahoma Jersey# 2

Ht: 5110 Wt: 189 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 31.75

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build.

Monday: Consistent and solid all day; did not get beat.

Tuesday: Again, consistent and did not get beat. Technically sound and made few errors. When he did give up the reception he made up for it by stripping the ball from receivers. Solid day.

Wednesday: Struggled early then got injured and sat on the sidelines most of practice. Hurt hip.

Thursday: Good session. Played hurt but toughed it out. Did not look good in drills but once the scrimmage started made several heads-up plays including a beautiful pick.

Overall: Strait, who's been injured all year, saved his best play for 11-on-11 or the scrimmages. He helped himself here in Mobile and took advantage of Dunta Robinson not showing up.

Name: Thomas Tapeh College: Minnesota Jersey# 44

Ht: 6010 Wt: 243 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 31.12

Weigh In Comments:
Big shoulders and arms. Well defined up top.

Monday: Blocked well and also caught the ball well. Good agility and quickness for a man of his size.

Tuesday: Did a solid job as a lead blocker but for the most part, non-descript. Impressive looking specimen.


Thursday: Caught the ball very well and did a solid job handling the pigskin.

Overall: Had a very nice week and showed himself to be a solid offensive threat at fullback. Blocking was average but the athleticism could get him into the first day.

Name: Joey Thomas College: Montana State Jersey# 1

Ht: 6007 Wt: 193 Hand: 9.25 Arm: 32.25

Weigh In Comments:
Very thin yet good definition on his slight frame.

Monday: Tough day for the small schooled; had difficulty in man coverage and got burnt deep in practice.

Tuesday: Picked up his play and did not get beat, in fact held his own. Technically sound but just seems to be pressing and doing a little too much.

Wednesday: Did a solid job. Not outstanding but did well in press and technically very good. Fluid and shows he has an upside.

Thursday: Technically very good and strong. Mixed it up all day, just never turns his head back and constantly face guarding.

Overall: For the most part Thomas held his own for the week. A few minor things must be worked out but scouts were impressed.

Name: Michael Turner College: Northern Jersey# 32

Ht: 5102 Wt: 237 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 30.5

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build

Monday: Good practice; ran with great power and tough to bring down on the inside. Did not display the great burst through the hole.

Tuesday: Another good session. Ran well; quick yet powerful and immediately got through the hole then doled out punishment to defenders. Also caught the ball well in the morning.

Wednesday: Filled in at fullback for the ailing North lead blockers and really did a good job. Threw several key blocks and had a lot of runs inside, breaking tackles then picking up a lot of yardage off initial contact. Also caught the ball well. Speed is a concern; used to return kicks and his lack of acceleration was evident.

Thursday: Ran strong and caught the ball well.

Overall: Displayed a lot of different skills and improved from that aspect. What was apparent was his lack of speed. Overall improved his stock.

Name: Courtney Watson College: Notre Dame Jersey# 35

Ht: 6012 Wt: 235 Hand: 9.25 Arm: 31.5

Weigh In Comments:
Well built but does not look like he has a lot of growth potential.


Tuesday: Was terrible in the morning in pass coverage drills but picked it up during the scrimmage and was solid stacking against the run.

Wednesday: Some skill in run defense but very quick coming up the field and displayed little if any skills making plays in reverse.

Thursday: Again, quick to key and diagnose, just never makes a play when the balls in the air and even with coaches screaming at him to turn his head. Watson just face guarded opponents.

Overall: Could be a solid two-down defender. Decent week but did not really improve.

Name: Grant Wiley College: West Virginia Jersey# 6

Ht: 5117 Wt: 233 Hand: 8.5 Arm: 29.25

Weigh In Comments:
Tough looking build.

Monday: Really quick reading the play and was able to fight off blocks, then sacrifice his body to make the tackle.

Tuesday: Tough and quick to read but really a small area defender that lacks any range.

Wednesday: Good against the run but just limited to a very small area.

Overall: Helped himself and coaches loved his tenacity and attitude but speed, or lack thereof, will be his downfall.

Name: Demorrio Williams College: Nebraska Jersey# 47

Ht: 6007 Wt: 229 Hand: 8.25 Arm: 32.25

Weigh In Comments:
Thin but cut up.


Tuesday: Showed a lot of explosion and quickness, especially moving up the field to defend the run. Not overly alert in pass coverage.

Wednesday: One of the better linebackers for the North today. Explosive and very quick in every direction. Made several devastating hits moving up the field in run defense. Not strong and had trouble bringing the opponent down on initial contact.

Thursday: Again, very explosive up the field and a good athlete with great range but seemed lost in pass coverage.

Overall: Williams really stood out all week; his athleticism, speed and explosion was top notch. He also helped his draft stock, but his play in pass coverage drills at the combine will dictate how early in round two he goes.

Name: Kris Wilson College: Pittsburgh Jersey# 86

Ht: 6016 Wt: 246 Hand: 9.25 Arm: 33.12

Weigh In Comments:
Definite room for growth.

Monday: Dropped an unusual amount of passes yet stayed with it and continued to hustle.

Tuesday: Excellent day catching the ball. Made an great catch in traffic and beat Bob Sanders on one play. Average blocker though he gave good effort.

Wednesday: Solid and complete day. Did a much better job of blocking and also caught the ball very well.

Thursday: Best day of the week; threw some double cuts on defenders, worked his routes and displayed sure hands. Caught everything but his lack of speed and quickness are apparent.

Overall: Wilson improved his ranking and showed well here, but his poor measurables will be his downfall.

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