Pre-Combine News: Major Update!

A look at some of the players that will be participating in next week's combine and their present status. Tommie Harris, Reggie Williams and Chris Gamble are just a few of the names covered as well as players getting ready for their Pro Day. Also, major news on Nathan Vasher you won't find anywhere else.

Tommie Harris is working out in Houston and has been impressive in his pre-combine preparation. Tipping the scale at 293, his weight has fluctuated due to the flu. Harris has looked good on the bench, knocking up 36 repetitions at 225 pounds. While Harris himself is concerned about his forty times, we hear his 10-yard and 20-yard splits have been impressive. One minor area of concern would be small minor back and shoulder injuries that have bothered Harris. There is a feeling that if these flair up next Saturday, then he may have to cut his workout short.

Karlos Dansby has looked very good in all his linebacker drill work but there is concern about his physique and strength. Dansby recently measured in at 6'-3.5" and 242 pounds but has been having trouble keeping weight on his frame. Also, his bench has been terrible as he's only been able to push up 14 repetitions.

Reggie Williams has been working hard and looking good. Presently weighing 228 pounds, the goal is to get him down to the 225-pound mark. Will he run next Sunday at the combine with the rest of the receivers? Only if he clocks in the 4.4's during his personal workouts, and the fastest we hear he's been is 4.51. Williams has completed 18 reps on the bench and is broad jumping just under 11 feet.

Chris Gamble has looked rather impressive and has been consistently running in the low 4.4's, measuring in at 6-1.5/200. His bench is weak and 11 reps has been his best. Gamble is planning on running at the combine.

Gamble's college teammate Will Allen banged up his shoulder at the Senior Bowl and will not be able to lift next week. He has run in the 4.5 range and has shown tremendous reaction during defensive back drills. Many are also impressed with his character as we were told, "he's the kind of guy you want your daughter to marry."

Junior tight end Jason Peters of Arkansas tips the scale at 320 pounds but clocked three impressive forties recently of 4.80/4.81/4.82. Unfortunately his bench is miserable and his best to date is only 12 reps.

Quarterback BJ Symons of Texas Tech is just four weeks removed from knee surgery but has been squatting 225 pounds close to five reps. He has been working with coach Jerry Rome on his passing and Symons' arm strength has been impressive but it's the touch on his throws that concerns many.

TCU defensive lineman Bo Schobel is a ripped 268 pounds and is considered more athletic than his two cousins by his trainers, who also worked out Bo's relatives.

Sammie Moore, not invited to the combine, has measured in at 5-10.5/200 but has been running poorly at 4.6. To his credit he has caught everything in sight.

New Mexico linebacker Billy Strother looks physically impressive at 5-11.5/230. Many are concerned with his seeming lack of concentration as Strother does not seem to be involved in the pre-combine workouts.

The unconfirmed word spreading around is that Texas defensive back Nathan Vasher has some sort of spinal fracture, which may have occurred during last season. While Vasher played with the injury, sources have told us he is believed to be in Canada presently getting it checked out.

Finally, big Shawn Andrews is just that...big. We've been told he's tipping the scales at 402 pounds! Unable to participate in any real hard workouts, Andrews is in Arizona on a treadmill and working with a nutritionist, trying to get his weight down.

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