2004 Draft Prospect Interview: Nat Dorsey

Georgia Tech's Nat Dorsey jumped into the national spotlight as a true freshman three years ago when he stoned North Carolina's Julius Peppers in a Thursday night game, holding the future NFL defensive rookie of the year to just two tackles and no sacks.

A natural left tackle, the 6-foot-6, 336-pound Dorsey was gifted with the kind of athleticism needed to handle players of Peppers' stature. It's an attribute that could make Nat Dorsey the second offensive tackle selected in this year's draft behind Iowa's Robert Gallery, making him a possibility to be drafted by the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Steelers, three teams looking for offensive line help.

Even so, the 20-year-old Dorsey wasn't sure he wanted to enter this year's draft, despite the fact he's already got three college football seasons under his belt.

"It took a lot of time. It actually took the whole season for me to get the thoughts together to what I was going to do," Dorsey said. "As the season progressed and I started feeling better about the way I was playing and the way I was maintaining my weight, I decided it was time to leave."

And some NFL team will be lucky to have him, especially given his age. Because his birthday falls in September, he began his college career as a 17-year-old, meaning whatever team selects him in the draft will be getting a battle-tested youngster with plenty of upside.

"I think I can (run block and pass block) equally," the three-time All-ACC pick said. "I'm pretty athletic, but my build would lead people to think pass protection, but I think I do both pretty good."

Though he played at 336 pounds, Dorsey has been working hard to increase his strength while lowering his weight. He's been able to do both, getting his weight down to 322 pounds.

In addition to helping his strength, he believes the weight loss will help him get faster for the pro game.

"I think I need to get out of my stance a little quicker," Dorsey said of what he needs to work on. "My first step. Just getting back a little quicker off the ball.

"I've been working on my body, first and foremost and training my upper body. I have a lot of power, but it's the little things like the bench press. That's what I'm focusing on."

In the meantime, the management major is having fun focusing on taking his career to the next level. He'll travel to the combine in Indianapolis next week and then focus on getting ready to Georgia Tech's pro day March 19.

"I like it, it keeps me moving," Dorsey said. "It's kind of exciting for me to go through all of this stuff."

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