2004 Draft Prospect Interview: Roy Williams

Playmakers are always at a premium in the NFL and the player with the most potential to make an immediate impact, as a rookie, is Texas WR Roy Williams, coveted by many teams around the league heading into the 2004 NFL Draft.

With great size at 6'4" and 215 pounds, to go along with sub-4.5 speed, Texas. Williams was pleased and humbled. "It will be there forever. I am grateful."

But Williams main claim to fame are the speed and moves that make him the ultimate breakaway threat. But don't be fooled into thinking Williams only likes to run around defenders. When asked about his strengths on the field, Williams didn't hesitate in making the point that he is not a shrinking violet, though with some stipulations.

"I think my strength is running after the catch. And I like to be the bully. But I know my limits. If I come across Ray Lewis, I'm not going to run him over," laughs Williams.

And contrary to what many may think, Williams not only sees it as a good thing for the team, but also for him, that Texas ran a lot this past season.

"It was real hard at first. With Chris (Simms) and Major (Applewhite), we would throw 40 times a game, and we tried to do it the first two or three games this year. But after Oklahoma put it to us, we went to what our strength is and that's running the football."

The return to a running game benefits Williams as he had the opportunity to show off his blocking skills, something he knows he will need at the next level.

"Teams knew I could run with the ball after the catch," explains Williams. "But there were probably questions about whether I can run block. You have to run in the NFL. It's kind of what the game has turned in to. If you prove you can run block in the NFL, the running back can get an extra 5, 10 yards or 50 yards and get a touchdown."

Williams is very lanky but is happy with his weight and says that it goes between 213 and 217 pounds, despite his unusual eating habits.

"I'm pretty much a McDonald's and Taco Bell guy. I've been that my whole life."

But Williams now has a trainer and sees that he has to change his ways some- but only some.

"I have a trainer and eat fat free foods," explains Williams. "But I have to get a Big Mac every once in awhile."

The main objective for Williams at the Combine is to impress the NFL scouts with his speed.

While Williams laughs that his 40 time is a secret he does allow that, "The NFL thinks I run a 4.48. That's a great time for a man my size."

Williams wants to better that mark and has taken to a stretching regime to help him.

"Hopefully, it will help my 40 time. You know I'm pretty light on my feet. If I am a little more flexible, that will make a little more faster."

With all this talk about speed you probably think Williams will run at the combine. That is not the case. Instead he will bide his time. He does not have anything to prove coming in as a top ten pick. Teams look at him and see greatness. Instead, Williams will wait to see what his competition brings to the table on March 17th in Larry Fitzgerald will likely run his first forty. A week later, March 24th, on his home turf, Williams will look to take advantage.

Williams has everything a team would want in a draft pick. He possesses speed, size, hustle, character, explosiveness, and the ability to be a great teammate. And his teammates will be a team with one of the first ten picks in the draft for that is where a player with all of Williams' gifts is destined to end up.

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