More than just after-thought

As every pro personnel evaluator and fans alike know the names of Robert Gallery and Shawn Andrews, it is the guys you don't know everything about that may make the biggest impact of the offensive line candidates.

Hence the entrance of Stacy Andrews of Mississippi and Vernon Carey from the Miami Hurricanes.

Andrews, the brother of highly touted Shawn Andrews, is a big-man that has garnered some serious looks from the evaluators in attendance. Standing 6'6" and weighing 340-lbs, Stacy Andrews has become more than just after-thought. Andrews has caught the eye of numerous pro personnel evaluators due to his athletic ability. Known mainly as an athletic enigma, due to his lack of drive on the field, Andrews still intrigues the men that make the decisions as to who plays on Sunday during the fall and winter.

"Stacy Andrews has the physical size and strength to be a player at the next level. The question remains, does he want to play in the NFL?" an AFC team scout said Thursday. "When he wants to play, he can dominate the opposition, at other times he appears uninterested, which has led to the time he spends on the bench.

From our film-work and talking to his coaches down at Mississippi, Andrews is a kid that needs his fire lit at times, when he is motivated, he can be tough. Right now, Stacy is a late-round pick."

Vernon Carey, a guard and tackle at the college level is a prospect, which is expected to be playing on Sunday, somewhere in the NFL. A standout at Miami, Carey has the athletic ability to dominate his position and the versatility to play the guard and tackle positions.

The jury is out as to which position best suits the 6'4" 335-lbs talent. After playing the majority of the 2003 season at approximately 350-lbs, Carey has been on a strong workout and dietary program to enhance his speed and quickness, while adding flexibility to his overall game.

"I have been working out hard the past six-weeks or so and have changed the way I eat. I am learning that you can't just grab and eat anything, there is a price that comes with that approach," Carey recently said. "Going into the combine, I am going to do my thing and be myself. I know I can play and I want to prove that I am as good as any offensive lineman in the country that starts in Indianapolis.

I am looking to get down to about 325-lbs for our Pro-days workout at Miami in next month."

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