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The possibility of acquiring a true shutdown cornerback is just so enticing for most NFL teams. With Champ Bailey being bandied about in Indianapolis, the Washington Redskins are proving to be more than your average football organization.

By openly lobbying and permitting Bailey representatives to find a trade partner, the Redskins have found the niche to heighten the interest already generated with the opportunity presented to land a superior talent, such as Bailey. As the Detroit Lions have found out, getting into the Bailey game will be an expensive proposition.

Early bartering sessions conclude the Redskins are seeking a first and second round draft selection for what may be the best cornerback to have played the game since Deion Sanders. As the Lions continue to discuss deal with the Redskins and representatives for Bailey, they are not the only team that has done their homework.

"Right now, we'll continue to see where it (Bailey talks) go, but the current price tag is steep," Lions head coach Steve Mariucci said. "Getting a player of Champ Bailey's ability can change the complexion of a defense, which is something that has to be evaluated."

The Kansas City Chiefs have bounced back and forth about the notion of making a run for Bailey. What the Chiefs and other teams are concerned about is negotiating against themselves, which is something representatives for Bailey and the Washington Redskins say will not be the case.

"We have had some discussions about our position on Champ Bailey. He is a tremendous talent, which is why we have placed the franchise tag on him," a Redskins representative said. "There are some ongoing discussions about Champ, but nothing is remotely close to getting done and I don't know if anything will.

We are not in this seeking to deal Bailey, but if a team makes us an offer that fits the parameters we believe are appropriate, then we can move forward."

Looking to shore-up their suspect defense, Kansas City has been lurking in the background in the Bailey sweepstakes. Though discussing the parameters and possibility of acquiring Bailey, the team has also been evaluating other cornerbacks that are much cheaper alternatives.

Troy Vincent of the Philadelphia Eagles is one defensive back the Kansas City Chiefs have had lengthy discussions about. Vincent is a solid player, but not of the caliber of Bailey. But, signing Vincent won't cost the Chiefs a first and second round draft selection and he would be come at less of a salary cap hit for the team.

The Kansas City Chiefs could become a better defensive team by signing Vincent, but the bottom-line is from what we have been told is that the Chiefs want Bailey and they will continue to discuss the possibility with the Redskins.

Enamored with the potential to take an opponent's top-receiver out of the game, the Chiefs have not been able to get past the notion of adding Bailey. Heading into the off-season, Kansas City did not have to undergo a salary purge to get under the league imposed salary cap. With the latest news from the league the salary-cap will be increased to slightly above 80-million dollars, the Chiefs may ultimately venture into un-chartered waters and secure the services of the best in the game, Champ Bailey. The Chiefs are committed, the Redskins are off-season players, if the Lions don't get on the ball, and the game could be over in short order.

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