Northcutt and Owens, Its All In The Paperwork

Gearing for a perceived run at free agency, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens, much like Cleveland Browns wide receiver Dennis Northcutt may be on the outside looking in when the free agent player signing period begins on March 3rd.

In both cases, representatives for the veteran players failed to submit the proper paperwork which would void the final years of lengthy contracts signed by the talented receivers.

Jerome Stanley, the agent for Northcutt believes his client has a legitimate case for free agency and has talked with the Browns regarding the stance the team and the NFL Management Council has taken in regards to Northcutt's status.

"I believe we have a technicality issue with the Browns about the contract and status of Dennis (Northcutt). Dennis (Northcutt) has met the parameters of his contract that would enable him the right to free agency," Stanley said. "We'll continue to talk to the team to dissect the issue and hopefully come to a resolution. Dennis (Northcutt) would like to stay in Cleveland, but we feel he has earned the right to enter free agency."

Owens, looking and talking like a man on the move couldn't have had a worse change of fortune. With no desire to return to the San Francisco 49ers, Owens had spoken with friends, elaborating about the opportunity to move to a team that would utilize his talents to the fullest, something in San Francisco Owens clearly did not believe was the case.

"I want to go to a team where I can do the things I am capable of doing. I believe I am the best receiver in the game and wasn't used in that way there (San Francisco)," Owens said. "There are many teams looking for a receiver like me, and I have an interest in some of those teams as well. I'll be going somewhere to win."

On the paperwork issues, which lay the claim that his representative David Joseph did not file by the deadline date of February 21st, according to a side amendment was put into place that any deal with voidable contracts signed before March 2, 2001.

"It is my belief that everything was done right," Owens concluded.

Northcutt may not be a free agent, but the Cleveland Browns would like to retain his services and have been open in discussions about a new contract for the shifty receiver. For Owens, the general feelings are mutual, he does not want to return the 49ers and the team does not have serious intentions on his return.

Stay tuned, the Terrell Owens trade-watch will be heating up, especially if the often outspoken wide receiver is not granted free agency.

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