Pro-Day: Hawaii

Today at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, more than 20-prospects from Hawaii and schools mostly located on the west coast worked out for NFL scouts. There were some surprising results from players that are sleepers in next months draft <b>Final Update & Results</b>

It seemed anyone and everyone from southern California worked out today at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, participating in Hawaii's pro-day.  Players already removed from college, truck drivers and NAIA players all took a turn trying to impress scouts.

Though Travis LaBoy did not workout and Isaac Sopoaga only participated in the bench press, both did partake in the defensive line drills afterwards.  For his part LaBoy showed excellent speed and athleticism but is long strider and really did not show quick feet.  Sopaoga did display much quicker feet than anyone expected as well as lateral movement skills.

Sopaoga said just a half-hour before the bench press he was not sure he was going to lift but "Igor has been challenging me after his pro-day."  Big Isaac claims his best amount on the bench is 57.

Their teammates impressed scouts and both Jeremiah Cockheran and Kevin Millhouse were very impressive.

Bryan Save of Colorado State really raised some eyebrows with a tremendous all around workout and will now get late round draft consideration.  He was the sleeper of the day followed by David Richardson, a tall, muscular and good looking safety prospect.

Richardson turned in a very impressive 43.5 vertical jump and ran his forties just under 4.6-seconds. His cone and short shuttle were not that impressive but many think he will be able to handle either safety spot.

Jeremiah Cockheran WR       1.62 1.57 4.46 4.42 33.5 4.30  
Kevin Millhouse CB 6001 208   1.59 1.56 4.40 4.48 40 4.23 6.92
Isaac Sopoaga DT 6023 314 40              
Dietrich Canterberry-UNLV DT 6031 306 DNP 1.72 1.75 5.14 5.11 33.5   7.79
Gennaro Gilford-BYU CB 6012 187   1.55 1.61 4.48 4.59* 33.5   6.98
Chris Rhodes- Weber St OT 6053 307 27 1.96 1.98 5.60 5.55 24.5 5.27 8.10
Derek Ward- Ottawa RB 5111 233 23 1.56 1.66 4.49 4.59 36 4.57 7.70
Joe Siofele-Arizona ILB 6010 261   1.76 1.70 4.83 4.90 30.5    
Kenny Farley-Oregon St WR 6024 223   1.69 1.64 4.50 4.56      
Sean Weston- Tex A&M CB     8 1.62 1.65 4.57 4.54 35.5    
Mark Estelle- Utah St CB       1.69 1.59 4.39 4.41   4.62 7.41
Bryan Save- CSU DT 6111 317 44 1.77 1.73 5.04 4.93     7.61

Notes: There were about 25 participants in today's workout but after the forty scouts pared down the players they really wanted to see and did not invite the rest to run cones, etc.  Hence, we just listed the draftable prospects and also mentioned David Richardson above.

Gennaro Gilford looked good, though he slipped on his second running of the forty, hence the large differential in his two times.  Many may remember Gilford; we had him highly ranked coming out of the 2001 season and he was primed to be on of the nations top cover corners as a junior in 2002 but has struggled the past two seasons with injuries.

Speaking of struggling the past two season; at one point we thought Chris Rhodes would be a top offensive tackle prospect but he has done nothing but try and get by on natural talent since his sophomore season and today was just more evidence of that.  Rhodes has got great natural size and growth potential but gives minimal effort.  His body language said he did not want to participate in the bench press, he was gasping for breathe after jogging a single lap to warm up for the forty and even after running poorly a few scouts asked him to do the agility tests (cone, shuttle).  Its' sad to see as teams are genuinely interested in his services because of his upside potential.

While reporting from the combine we alerted you to the medical condition that cause combine officials to frantically pull Dietrich Canterberry from his workouts.  While the situation is under control Canterberry's right calf muscle, the one he must have had the blood clot in, is literally four times the size f his left one and it is an ugly site.  And after talking with people it seems Canterberry just rubs some the wrong scout put it mildly, "he's not my favorite player!"

Early Results:

Isaac Sapoaga continued his show of strength on Tuesday with 40 reps on the bench.

But today his mark was bested.

Bryan Save, a defensive lineman from Colorado State, pushed up 44 reps on the bench. The Santa Ana, California native easily earned the iron man of the day title.

Hawaii's Kelvin Millhouse posted a solid 40-inch vertical jump. The cornerback also ran a set of forties averaging 4.44.

Derrick Ward, a running back formerly of Fresno St, who played at Ottawa last year, has looked good so far. Ward weighed in at 233 pounds, did 23 reps on the bench press and had vertical of 36-inches. Ward ran his forties in the low 4.5's.

Jernaro Gilford, a cornerback out of BYU who blew his knee out his sophomore year requiring surgery, ran a pair low 4.5 forties.

Jeremiah Cockheran a wide receiver out of Hawaii originally from Fontana, California ran a pair of forties that averaged 4.44.

Among the many in attendance for Tuesday's event are Kansas City Head Coach Dick Vermeil and Chiefs General Manager Carl Peterson, Cleveland Head Coach Butch Davis, Cincinnati Head Coach Marvin Lewis and Jacksonville Head Coach Jack Del Rio.


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