Combine Session Report: Tight Ends

Getting back on track, here's a look at how the tight ends did during the drilling and pass catching portion of their workout during the NFL combine. There were some surprising results.

By alphabetical order here's a look at every prospect that took the field.

Courtney Anderson: Ran well and effectively caught the ball in the short field, extending his hands to pluck the ball from his body. That said he had trouble making the reception in the deep field and gathered into routes.

Bobby Blizzard: Blizzard strained his calf muscle during his running of the forty and pulled up lame yet toughed it out in the drills. The results were not overwhelming. Though he finished up strong, Blizzard dropped passes early in the session and looked slow/heavy legged. He is a team guy and consistently encouraged the other tight ends on the field.

Chris Cooley: One of the better performances of the day, Cooley effectively did everything asked of him. He ran well, displayed sharpness and quickness into pass routes then caught the ball well. Cooley practiced fast and looked very natural.

Jeff Dugan: Displayed good eye/hand coordination and caught the ball well but that is where it ended. Dugan practiced slow and was even worse running pass routes. He displayed adequate adjustment and looked just average at best.

Tim Euhus: When all was said and done Euhus had a surprisingly complete combine and was one of the better tight ends at the combine. Euhus ran much faster during the pass catching session than he did in the forty, showed terrific adjustment and caught he ball well. His routes were sharp and Euhus showed excellent eye/hand focus. He did not display a strong base in pass blocking drills but does play with excellent leverage.

Michael Gaines: Looked tentative and haphazard. While he caught the ball well Gaines seemed to be on another planet at times and in one instance got hit in the noggin with a ball he was suppose to catch after not paying attention. His routes were rusty, hands stiff and Gaines did nothing to warrant being selected prior to the seventh round.

Ronnie Ghent: Looked natural catching the ball; ran good routes then displayed top eye/hand coordination, extending to pluck the ball out of the air. Ghent ran poorly in the forty and did not look any quicker during the pass catching session.

Ben Hartsock: Looking focused, Hartsock caught the ball exceptionally well, extending to catch the pass away from his frame. Yet Hartsock did not prove himself to be anything other than a short yardage passer and ran poor routes.

Jason Peters: The big tight end/tackle looked very athletic and moved well about the field. As was expected he was the top blocker of the group and also caught the ball well. His route running was poor…and that's a compliment as Peters almost came to a complete stop moving into breaks.

Brett Pierce: One of the hardest working players in the group, Pierce had a good session. Catching the ball well he displayed a good sense of timing as well as focus. He really showed no speed and could not run to the deep pass.

Mike Walker: For a little known prospect, Walker made scouts take notice with his workout. Though rough around the edges, he ran well and did a great job catching the ball in the deep field. Walker displayed soft, natural hands and adjusts well running full speed. For an overaged prospect with character issues Walker really helped himself here.

Ben Watson: After running a great pair of forties Watson continued the momentum in his workout. He easily transferred his forty speed onto the field during the pass catching segment and outran many of the passes thrown to him. Displaying excellent footwork in his route running, he showed a lot of explosion into patterns then stayed low out of his breaks. Watson also blocked with leverage and displayed a lot of pop into the tackling dummies….oh, yeah; he also caught the ball well.

Keith Willis: Willis practiced a little faster than he timed in the forty and caught the ball well in the short field, running better than average routes. Yet even with that nothing special stood out about his session.

Kris Wilson: Wilson truly looked like one of the best pass catchers of the day, grabbing everything that was thrown in his direction. He ran well and showed good downfield speed, extending to look the ball into his hands. Besides running good routes, he displayed a nice sense of timing and Wilson improved his stock here.

Kellen Winslow Jr.: Here's an interesting tidbit; Winslow followed the tight ends around all day. Why is that notable? Well for one thing invitees that don't test for scouts or workout usually take their medical exams, go through a few interviews then leave for home, especially Miami Hurricane prospects. Yet Winslow, dressed in full sweats, followed the tight ends around all day Monday. What's the reason? Well many in attendance feel he is trying to give the appearance that he's a team player and not the high maintenance prospect teams are now branding him.

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