Combine Session Report: Tackles

A look at how the offensive tackles performed at the combine. While the top invitees did as expected several others popped out of the woodwork and really improved their draft stock.

Here are the two groups of offensive tackles in alphabetical order.

Group 1

Shawn Andrews: Moved well and looked athletic, Andrews was good in his hips and showed patience, working hard throughout the session. He did get tall in pass protection drills and did not show great lateral movement skills.

Stacey Andrews: Showed good feet and the ability to slide laterally as well as quick hands with great punch. Yet overall you could see Andrews is going to need a lot of work. He was not fluid and tried to outguess what opponents or coaches were going to do in the drills.

Sean Bubin: While he displayed better than expected feet and was even a little fluid Bubin lacked any semblance of quickness or explosion. He was also awful when asked to twist or stunt.

Kelly Butler: Turned in a good session; looked athletic and imposing. Quick footed, he was able to slide laterally and stayed impressively low to the ground for a tall lineman. Butler also displayed a bit of nastiness to his blocking and great hand punch. At one time he knocked over one of the handlers holding the tackling dummy he was so strong.

Marko Cavaka: Patient and looks like he can move but disappointed with less than adequate footwork and looked sluggish pulling across the line of scrimmage.

Tyson Clabo: Displayed good initial quickness, patience and hand punch. Also used good angles but was only effective in a very small area.

Nat Dorsey: Looked better during the session than he did in testing. Dorsey was patient with good feet and displayed excellent lateral slide. He sowed good overall quickness and hand punch. Yet the bottom line was, as we explained during weigh-ins, Dorsey looked woefully out of shape and wore down as the session pressed on.

Robert Gallery: Gallery put together a total session and showed why he will be a very early draft pick. He was explosive, quick yet patient. His footwork in pass protection drills was outstanding and Gallery played with good knee bend throughout the session. He also had great hips and was able to flip them back and forth. No prima-dona, Gallery worked very hard from the get go.

Adrian Jones: Possibly no offensive lineman did more to help himself at the combine as did Jones. Quick footed, he showed excellent lateral slide and the ability to change direction when pulling across the line of scrimmage. Jones also showed great punch with his hands and though rough around the edges, he was constantly applauded by coaches.

Brad Lekkerkerke: Worked hard but stiff and could not slide laterally. Not the workout an overaged prospect needed to have.

Group 2

Jim Molinaro: Displayed surprisingly good feet and lateral slide, something he does not show on game film. Patient, he also had good jolt at the point. That said, Molinaro was not effective when asked to pull across the line of scrimmage and was very stiff in his hips.

Jake Scott: Another lesser-known prospect that stood out. Scott's footwork and lateral blocking range was very good as were his use of blocking angles. Scott was very patient and one got the idea he has an excellent feel for the position watching him.

Max Starks: Lacked any ability to move laterally and does more stepping out than sliding out.

Drew Strojny: Not a good session at all; did more stepping than sliding, lacked lateral range and the ability to move across the line of scrimmage.

Travelle Wharton: Showed the footwork, lateral slide and movement skills that were sorely lacking at the Senior Bowl. Also looked like the athlete we've watched on film rather than the stiff blocker that was exploited in Mobile.

Mark Wilson: Showed some quickness but for the most part struggled with his footwork and looked very much like a limited area blocker.

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