Combine Session Report: Defensive Ends

After scorching the turf of the RCA Dome and turning in some great 40-times, a group of very athletic defensive ends took the field for the drilling session at the combine. Here's a look at how they did with a separate section on those who also took part in linebacker drills.

Broken down alphabetically by group.

Group 8

Nat Adibi: Good athlete who drilled as fast as he ran the forty. Showed excellent balance and was quick footed with an excellent change of direction.

Jarred Allen: Tall, lanky and lacked great balance. He also did not display good footwork or a fluid change of direction.

Jason Babin: Very explosive in all areas, Babin practiced at the same speed he ran the forty. Quick footed, he was able to immediately change direction or alter his angle of attack and practiced with great suddenness. Babin was also very enthusiastic and you could see he takes well to coaching.

Kevin Emanuel: Was not sudden or explosive in any action. Also did not show the ability to quickly change direction and had only a short burst of speed.

Roderick Green: Quick footed and moved very well in reverse. A good athlete, Green was very fast laterally or in a straight-line. That said, he seems to have a tough time comprehending what was being explained to him.

Claude Harriott: Fluid but was not explosive and surprisingly did not show a quick change of direction.

Marquis Hill: Looked out of shape and lethargic. Also lacked quickness, balance as well as a quick change of direction. Scouts do seemed concerned about his lack of experience at defensive tackle.

Isaac Hilton: After a blistering 40-time, Hilton transferred his speed and athleticism onto the practice field in both a straight-line and laterally. He also displayed a good change of direction as well as a back-pedal. Also showed great hand punch.

Trevor Johnson: Moved well laterally and showed a good change of direction. Did not show much quickness or suddenness.

Tommy Kelly: Had a burst of speed and a solid change of direction but lacked any footwork or movement skills up and down the line of scrimmage. Also did not show much balance.

Travis LaBoy: Practiced with a lot of leverage, displaying a good change of direction and lateral speed. Not a very sudden or quick defender.

Group 9

Robert Geathers: Displayed solid foot quickness and explosion.

Gabe Nyenhuis: Quick footed with a decent change of direction but really did not practice as fast as he timed.

Antwan Odom: Good feet but lacked balance and explosion.

Shaun Phillips: Good feet and moved well laterally or in reverse. Applauded several times by coaches.

Constantin Ritzmann: Adequate footwork but not sudden or quick. Just did not seem to get it and after false starting several times in the forty he then screwed up in the drills.

Darion Scott: Good lateral movement skills and footwork.

Andrew Shull: Terrible when asked to move in reverse but was not bad up and down the line of scrimmage.

Greg Taplin: Was not very quick but showed a good change of direction and footwork in space.

Reggie Torbor: Practiced with good balance, footwork and quickness.

Khaleed Vaughn: Worked hard showing good lateral movement skills and the ability to immediately alter his angle of attack.

Linebacker Drills

The following undersized defensive ends were put through a battery of linebacker drills to try and gauge their effectiveness in space. Here's how they looked.

Nat Adibi: Did not look very aware but got depth on his pass drops and displayed excellent footwork in space.

Jason Babin: Really good in all aspects. Excellent in cover drills, got depth on his drops and even showed the ability to quickly plant on the ball and possessed good hands for the interception. Also displayed great sideline-to-sideline range.

Kevin Emmanuel: Stiff, struggled in pass coverage and did not show much range.

Roderick Green: Moved well displaying good footwork and sideline-to-sideline range. Showed a bit of a break on the ball and hands for the pick. Must improve his balance in space.

Claude Harriott: Was not effective at all; lacked footwork and range during pass cover drills.

Isaac Hilton: Fluid and covered a lot of area with speed. Worked very hard and continually asked for second attempts. Was slow to react.

Trevor Johnson: Picked it up as the session progressed but overall lacked balance and was not effective in space.

Travis LaBoy: Decent footwork and lateral range.

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