Scouting the Quarterbacks

Always a position of importance, good quarterbacks go early and often in the NFL Draft. The outlook for this years' crop of passers is promising as it offers both quality and quantity. Three signal callers will be selected in the first round and will be starting by the end of the 2004 season yet another four have starting potential down the road.

Eli Manning/Mississippi/6-4/220/4.92/Senior: From an intangible point of view, Manning has it all; an understanding of the game, feel for the position and solid mechanics. Physically though, he is a middle of the road quarterback. Manning can effectively lead a team at the next level but must have an offense designed around him to mask the deficiencies of his game.

Ben Roethlisberger/Miami-Oh/6-5/210/4.95/Junior: Roethlisberger is a complete signal caller with a great feel for the quarterback position. He possesses the physical abilities to be an immediate starter at the next level and his understanding of quarterback nuances are exceptional. Playing with only average talent around him, Roethlisberger stands out in almost every aspect of the game.

Philip Rivers/North Carolina State/6-5/225/5.10/Senior: There are not as many quarterbacks with an uglier throwing motion as the one possessed by Rivers yet it is the end result that counts. Rivers pulled the NC State program out from the dregs almost single-handedly and did so completing almost 60% of his passes since he was a freshman. Not a quarterback for every team but a proven winner.

J.P. Losman/Tulane/6-2.5/215/4.79/Senior: Losman has the size, arm strength and ability to be a productive starting quarterback at the next level in the NFL. His game has shown steady improvement as Losman's done a fine job picking up the nuances of the position as he is gone from a thrower to a passer.

Cody Pickett/Washington/6-3.5/220/4.70/Senior: Good sized, athletic passer with the ability to play in several different offensive schemes, Pickett has a good amount of upside potential for the NFL. Must now learn to play in a disciplined pro-offense rather than free-style the way he did in college.

Jared Lorenzen/Kentucky/6-3.5/288 /5.29/Senior: Fondly referred to as the "Hefty Lefty" because of his enormous size, Lorenzen is a good athlete with solid underlying quarterback skills. Must refine his techniques and become more of a passer rather than a thrower and obviously weight will be an issue for Lorenzen. Could be a productive passer at the next level if he focuses on improving the fundamentals.

Luke McCown/Louisiana Tech/6-4/208/4.71/Senior: Similar to older brother Josh (now the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals), the younger McCown has the skills and physical abilities to succeed at the next level. Benefited from playing in a pass happy offense at LTU and must become acquainted with a structured pro style passing game, he is being touted as of late and is moving up draft boards.

John Navarre/Michigan/6-6/235/5.05/Senior: Navarre is a quarterback with a limited upside but if put in the proper scheme at the next level he can be a productive starter. The type of quarterback you do not ask to win games rather put him in a position not to lose the contest.

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