2004 NFL Draft Offensive Guards Top 10

Heading into the final week before the draft, as the Pro-Days closed out, here's an updated ranking and scouting reports of the top 10 Offensive Guards for this years draft class.

Name: Chris Snee School Boston College Year 4Jr
Ht: 6-2.5 Wt: 314 40: 5.09 Pos: G

Bio: Three-year starter at guard that's won All Conference honors since his freshman campaign.

Positives: Aggressive yet efficient blocker that's been one of the nation's best guards the past three years. Explodes into run blocks, nasty and works to finish off defenders. Patient, stays square and an excellent position blocker that walls defenders from the play or controls them once engaged at the point. Extends his hands and keeps opponents from the action. Plays with leverage and opens holes for the running game. Keeps his feet moving in pass protection, anchors and a dominant force at the point of attack. Mentally alert, works well with teammates and a sound blocker.

Negatives: Not a nimble, nifty lineman and lacks adjustment. Not light on his feet and does not always finish blocks.

Analysis: A prospect that quietly flew under the radar screen, Snee has been a special player since his freshman campaign. Dominant yet smart in all aspects of his game, he has outstanding upside for the next level and expect to see him starting by the second month of his rookie season in the NFL.

Name: Justin Smiley School Alabama Year 4Jr
Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 298 40: 5.04 Pos: G

Bio: Three year starter and first team All Conference selection as a junior. Used at both left and right guard last season.

Positives: Nice sized, athletic guard that excels in pass protection. Plays with knee bend, works to stay low and keeps opponents in front of him. Immediately sets up in pass protection, anchors at the point and attacks assignments. Stays square, jolts opponents with good punch and can slide in a small area. Intelligent, picks up stunts or twists and works well with linemates.

Negatives: Lacks a dominant base and does not finish run blocks.

Analysis: A tough and hard working lineman, Smiley has shown steady improvement in his game. Can be a quality guard in the right system at the next level but must physically mature, improve his playing strength and run blocking skills. Combine workout moved him up draft boards.

Name: Sean Locklear School North Carolina State Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 306 40: 5.16 Pos: G

Bio: Former defensive lineman who moved to the offensive side of the ball as a junior and proceeded to start the next two seasons. All-ACC choice as a senior after starting the first eight games at right tackle, the next two at guard and even playing one contest at left tackle.

Positives: Big, thick athletic lineman that's shown tremendous progress the past two seasons. Seals opponents from the play with good body positioning, strong and works hard. Adequate foot quickness in pass protection, blocks with nice lean and jolts opponents at the point. Removes linebackers from the play on the second level. Quietly had an outstanding week at the Senior Bowl, completely destroying some of the top defensive lineman the game had to offer.

Negatives: Not quick or explosive off the snap into blocks. Stiff and not a natural knee bender or leverage blocker.

Analysis: Considering he's only played the position for two seasons, Locklear has done an outstanding job not only showing dominance but versatility as well. Must learn to bend his knees but has solid size/ strength numbers and a good upside for the next level.

Name: Adrien Clarke School Ohio State Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 329 40: 5.52 Pos: G

Bio: Four year starter that saw extensive action at guard and left tackle.

Positives: Powerful blocker that overwhelms defenders when properly conditioned. Strong, stays square, keeps opponents in front of him and gets movement in run blocks. Anchors in pass protection and an immovable force-opposing lineman have difficulty getting past. Jolts opponents at the point with good arm punch and displays the skills to adjust or slide laterally.

Negatives: Not effective blocking in motion and lacks balance as well as body control. Poorly conditioned in the past and has been upwards of 375 pounds, which reportedly cost him his starting job as a junior.

Analysis: When in shape and focused on the task at hand, Clarke is potentially the best guard in this draft. Dominates both a run blocker or pass protector and displays a surprising variety of skill. Will be a productive starter at the next level if he keeps his weight in check and works on the details and finer points of his position.

Name: Stephen Peterman School LSU Year 4Sr
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 312 40: 5.56 Pos: G

Bio: Three year starter named as a first team All American and All League selection last year. Started his LSU career on the defensive line.

Positives: Nasty blocker that excels in a small area. Quickly gets off the ball, explosive at the point of attack and easily turns defenders from the action. Quick with his hands, jolts opponents with a punch of his arm and stays square, fighting hard throughout the action. Disciplined, intelligent and immediately picks up assignments. Anchors in pass protection and a masher that uses all his assets to the fullest.

Negatives: Stiff, lacks footwork in space and the ability to slide laterally. Not effective on the move and an average athlete.

Analysis: A tough guy with a good head for the position, Peterman has been a productive college guard that plays with the mentality of a defensive lineman. Naturally strong and explosive in his lower body, he will be an asset for a power running offense.

Name: Anthony Herrera School Tennessee Year P48-3Jr
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 315 40: 5.32 Pos: G

Bio: Full-time starter the past two seasons playing three different positions on the offensive line including both guard spots and left tackle.

Positives: Big, physical lineman that easily handles one-on-one blocking assignments. Quickly gets into blocks, strong at the point of attack and drives defenders off the line. Anchors in pass protection, displays a nasty streak and works to finish blocks. Mentally alert, patient and helps out linemates. Seemed to improve all areas of his game as a senior.

Negatives: Lazy with his fundamentals, not a natural knee bender and gets tall. Gives inconsistent effort at times.

Analysis: Flashing dominance on occasion, Herrera is a powerful blocker yet is not known as a hard worker off the field. If he puts forth the effort can start for an NFL team.

Name: Jeb Terry School North Carolina Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 313 40: 5.25 Pos: G

Bio: Second team All Conference selection as a guard last season after starting a pair of games at right tackle as a junior.

Positives: Fundamentally sound blocker who plays with top football intelligence. Quick off the snap and immediately gets underneath opponents, blocking with leverage and good lean. Jolts defenders at the point, quick with his hands and fights 'till the whistle blows. Uses good positioning to wall defenders from the action and blocks down well on opponents. Mentally alert throughout the play and works to help out linemates.

Negatives: Not nimble or fluid and lacks footwork in space. Does not have the dominant base, cannot finish run blocks and gets over powered by large opponents. Possesses great numbers in the weight room yet does not always play to them on the football field.

Analysis: A competitive blocker with the versatility to play several positions, Terry is an efficient prospect with a polished game. Ability to long snap could get him drafted relatively early.

Name: Shannon Snell School Florida Year 4Sr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 316 40: 5.83 Pos: G

Bio: Three year starter at left guard. Earned second team All-SEC honors as a sophomore.

Positives: Wide bodied lineman best in a small area. Explosive off the snap, patient and keeps opponents in front of him. Effective when he attacks his blocks and turns opponents from the line. Fights with his hands, jolts opponents and finishes blocks when he puts his mind to it.

Negatives: Not a natural knee bender and lacks the fluid footwork or ability to play in space. Bends at the waist and plays off balance. Considered a lineman with marginal work ethic and a prospect that gets by on natural abilities.

Analysis: Snell has the body type and natural strength to be a dominant blocker but has been plagued by inconsistency and lackadaisical effort. Really needs to turn the intensity up several notches, develop a mean streak and make football a priority to have a long career at the next level.

Name: Trey Darilek School UTEP Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 301 40: 5.22 Pos: G

Bio: Four year starter who played left tackle as a senior after spending his first three years in the program on the right side.

Positives: Hard working blocker best in confined quarters. Quickly gets into blocks, plays with good lean and intelligence. Patient, effective with angles and a solid position blocker who walls defenders from the action. Extends and jolts opponents with his hands.

Negatives: Not light on his feet or effective on the second level. Lacks top blocking range and exploited by speedy edge rushers.

Analysis: A competitive lineman with outstanding football instincts, Darilek is known as a player that does whatever is needed to get better. Limited athletically, he should have success at the next level if his kept to confined quarters.

Name: Regis Crawford School Arizona State Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 316 40: 6.05 Pos: G

Bio: Three year starter who played guard his sophomore and senior campaigns after starting fourteen games at left tackle as a junior. Recently got his forty time down to 5.65 during private workouts.

Positives: Competitive blocker best in confined quarters. Quick setting in pass protection, blocks with a wide base and good lean. Seals defenders from the action, nasty, yet plays with a good degree of intelligence. Strong in his upper body, jolts opponents with good punch then drives them from their angle of attack. Easily handles one-on-one blocking assignments.

Negatives: Though solid in pass protection, not nimble, light on his feet and lacks lateral range. Has difficulty adjusting and not explosive into run blocks.

Analysis: A productive collegiate blocker, Crawford has been one of the more underrated lineman in the nation the past three seasons. Has the ability to play any of the three interior offensive line positions which should help him find a way onto a roster next September.

2004 Guard Rankings

Rank Round Full Name School Year
1 2A Chris Snee Boston College 4Jr
2 2A Justin Smiley Alabama 4Jr
3 3A Sean Locklear North Carolina State 5Sr
4 3B Adrien Clarke Ohio State 5Sr
5 3C Stephen Peterman LSU 4Sr
6 4B Anthony Herrera Tennessee P48-3Jr
7 4B Jeb Terry North Carolina 5Sr
8 5A Shannon Snell Florida 4Sr
9 5B Trey Darilek UTEP 5Sr
10 5C Regis Crawford Arizona State 5Sr
11 6A Quinn Christensen BYU 5Sr
12 6C Joe Tate Michigan State 5Sr
13 6C Tyson Clabo Wake Forest 4Sr
14 7A Bryce Bishop Ohio State 5Sr
15 7B Kimani Jones Arkansas State 4Sr
16 7C Greg Walker Clemson 5Sr
17 7C Joseph Hayes San Jose State 5Sr
18 7C Kurt Sigler Eastern Washington 6Sr
19 FA Monreko Crittenden Auburn 5Sr
20 FA Rodney Reed LSU 5Sr
21 FA William Henry Clemson 5Sr
22 FA Lamar Bryant Maryland 5Sr
23 FA David Lose Oregon State 5Sr
24 FA Calvin McDonald New Mexico 5Sr
25 FA Carmen Collins U-Mass 5Sr
26 FA Chavis Smith Tennessee 4Sr
27 FA Forest Vance Cal-Davis 5Sr
28 FA Joe Washington Western Kentucky 4Sr
29 FA Chris McKelvy Penn State 4Sr
30 FA Luke Salmons Marshall 5Sr
31 FA Paul Harker Michigan State 6Sr
32 FA Chris Frank Sacramento State 6Sr
33 FA Brian Kilkenny Oregon State 5Sr
34 FA Ben Olson North Dakota 5Sr
35 FA Matt Miller Louisiana College 5Sr
36 FA David Ashkinaz Central Florida 5Sr
37 FA Alan Parker Nevada 5Sr
38 FA Trevor Hutton Utah State 5Sr
39 FA Nick Newton Washington 5Sr
40 FA Nick Zuniga North Texas State 4Sr
41 FA Augie Hoffmann Boston College 5Sr
42 FA Lenny Vandermade USC 5Sr
43 FA Eric Troglia Cal-Davis 5Sr
44 FA Ryan Lilja Kansas State 5Sr
45 FA Jason Nerys Delaware 5Sr
46 FA Derek Decker Montana 5Sr
47 FA Joe Laudano Temple 5Sr
48 FA Daryl Lewis Duke 5Sr


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