2004 NFL Draft Tight End Top 10

Heading into the final week before the draft, as the Pro-Days closed out, here's an updated ranking and scouting reports of the top 10 Tight Ends for this years draft class.

Name: Kellen Winslow Jr School Miami-Fl Year 3Jr
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 251 40: 4.51 Pos: TE

Bio: All American and All Conference selection as a junior and handed the John Mackey Award, given annually to college football's top tight end. Finished last season as the team's top pass catcher with 60/605/1. Gained All American notice as a sophomore posting 57/726/8. Father was a Hall of Fame tight end for the San Diego Chargers.

Positives: Tremendous athlete that could revolutionize the tight end position in the NFL. Quick releasing off the line of scrimmage, sharp route runner and gets separation from defenders. Plays with leverage, strength and creates mismatches for the defense. Outruns most linebackers and too strong for defensive backs. Shields defenders from the action with his frame, adjusts to the errant throw and makes the difficult reception in traffic. Contorts to the errant pass and consistently catches the ball away from his frame. Finds the soft spot in the defense or physically beats defenders to come free. Makes both the ordinary and acrobatic catch with regularity. Displays a sense of timing, tracks the deep throw and quick transitioning from catching the pass to running after the reception. Keeps the play in bounds and works to pick up yardage. Easily makes the reception at top speed. Gives effort blocking and works to finish off defenders.

Negatives: To this point lacks functional football strength and gets average results blocking. Does a bit of standing around at times rather than coming back to the ball. Takes his eyes off the ball and looks to run before he's actually caught the ball. Getting the rap as a "high maintenance" prospect.

Analysis: Very much a chip off the old block, Winslow will change the way the tight end position is played just as his dad did. A skill player coordinators can game plan around he has All Pro type talent for years to come but must learn to control his temper and remain focused.

Name: Ben Troupe School Florida Year 4Sr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 265 40: 4.71 Pos: TE

Bio: All Conference and All American selection in 2003 when he tied for the team lead in receptions totaling 39/638/5. Started six games as a junior posting 15/200/1 after 9/98/1 the prior year when he backed up Aaron Walker.

Positives: Athletic, pass catching tight end whose game took off last season. Quickly gets into pass routes, fluid moving about the field and displays both soft and strong hands. Gets up in a crowd, extends, then adjusts to pluck the ball from the air. Settles into the open spot on the field, uses the sidelines well and catches the pass in stride, looking the ball into his hands. Solid route runner that gets separation from opponents. Beats jams at the line of scrimmage with good hand technique, displays focus and a fine athlete. Offers a big imposing target on the field and tough to bring down after the catch.

Negatives: Displays pop and strength at the point of attack as a blocker but must turn up the intensity and work to finish off defenders. Average playing speed and lacks suddenness.

Analysis: An athletic pass catcher that flourished in Florida's passing game last season, Troupe is one of the better offensive threats at the tight end position in this year's draft. Though blocking has not been his forte the past two seasons, did excel in that area as a sophomore when he was kept on the line of scrimmage. Needs to work harder to become a complete tight end but a top prospect that should quickly be starting in the NFL.

Name: Ben Watson School Georgia Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-.35 Wt: 258 40: 4.53 Pos: TE

Bio: Former Duke transfer that started the past two years at Georgia totaling 23/324/2 as a senior after 31/341/3 the prior season. Gave serious consideration to entering the 2003 NFL draft but stayed in school. Turned in an amazing workout at the combine.

Positives: Impressive looking physical specimen and a complete tight end at the top of his game. Plays with leverage and a wide base, strong and runs well. Displays footwork in pass protection, gets movement from run blocks or seals defenders from the action with good body positioning. Easily handles one-on-one blocking assignments even controlling opposing defensive lineman at the point. Adjusts well as a pass catcher, comes up with the tough grab in traffic or gets downfield to make the reception.

Negatives: Overall game lacks suddenness. Does not display the soft hands. Not as involved in the passing game as he should be.

Analysis: From a physical point of view, Watson stands out in every aspect yet never took his game to the next level even when the opportunity arose. Started to show signs of life at the Senior Bowl and offers the underlying potential to be a top tight end at the next level should he ever pull the pieces together.

Name: Kris Wilson School Pittsburgh Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 248 40: 4.63 Pos: TE

Bio: Second team All Conference selection last season after receiving numbers of 44/643/9. Junior and sophomore numbers were 18/389/2 and 19/272/2 respectively. All Academic selection three times in his Pittsburgh career.

Positives: Competitive tight end that excels as a pass catcher. Fluid releasing off the line, sells his routes and gets separation from defenders. In tune with the quarterback, displays a sense of timing and extends to grab the high throw. Displays the ability to make the reception in the secondary. Plays with leverage, balance and works as a blocker. Good focus in all aspects of the game.

Negatives: Not explosive into blocks, lacks strength at the point of attack and has difficulty taking out defenders. Lacks foot speed and does not out run opponents.

Analysis: Wilson has done a terrific job maximizing all his skills and did so while going unnoticed. Put in a consistent week at the Senior Bowl the performed well at the combine which has improved his stock. May never be a number one tight end but a pass catcher brought onto the field during third down or red zone situations.

Name: Chris Cooley School Utah State Year 4Sr
Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 265 40: 4.89 Pos: TE

Bio: Two year starter who's lined up at both fullback and tight end. Posted career numbers of 62/732/6 as a senior after 31/502/4 the previous season.

Positives: Athletic, pass catching tight end that gives top effort in all aspects of the game. Fluid releasing off the line of scrimmage, reads the defense and finds the open spot on the field. Extends his hands looking the ball in, remains focused and offers the quarterback a nice target. Works to get separation, battles to make the tough grab in traffic and strong running after the catch. Adjusts well as a receiver or blocker and tenacious. Nice overall body strength, stays square and seals opponents from the action.

Negatives: Ducks his head blocking and lacks body control and balance. Double catches the pass and does not always cleanly snatch the ball from the air. Marginal playing speed.

Analysis: A competitive player known as a hard worker both on and off the field, Cooley should nicely fit into the NFL as a second tight end. Had a solid week of practice at the Senior Bowl and may have moved himself into the early part of the middle rounds.

Name: Sean Ryan School Boston College Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 268 40: 4.94 Pos: TE

Bio: Former defensive lineman that started the past three seasons at tight end. Posted career receiving numbers of 35/447/6 as a senior after 23/280/3 the prior season.

Positives: Tough, hard nosed prospect that dominates as a blocker at the line of scrimmage. Blocks with leverage, strong at the point and finishes off defenders, removing them from the play. Anchors in pass protection, sustains blocks for long periods and seals defenders with excellent body positioning. Nasty and brings a defensive mentality to the position. Technically sound catching the ball; extends his hands, looks the ball in and displays good focus.

Negatives: Overall game lacks explosion and speed. Not making plays into the secondary as a receiver nor is he a pass catcher that comes away with the acrobatic grab. Though solid in pass protection, lacks top footwork and blocking range.

Analysis: A mean, nasty prospect, Ryan does the little things well at his tight end position. Complimented for his off the field work ethic and desire to progress as a football player, he should nicely fit in as a second tight end in the NFL.

Name: Courtney Anderson School San Jose State Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-6 Wt: 269 40: 4.83 Pos: TE

Bio: Junior college transfer and second team All Conference selection as a senior after posting 23/322/5. Totaled 13/155/2 his first season in the program.

Positives: Big, athletic pass catching target that improved his game in 2003. Fluid releasing off the line, runs well laterally and adjusts backwards to pull the errant throw from the air. Always working to come free, playing fast and makes receptions in the secondary. Gets vertical and uses his large frame to shield opponents, making the difficult reception in a crowd. Good eye/hand coordination and looks the pass in. Soft hands and plucks the ball out of the air.

Negatives: Not explosive off the snap, lacks balance and strength at the point. Does not bend his knees or play with balance.

Analysis: A nice sized tight end with a good amount of upside for the next level, Anderson showed well throughout the 2003 season. Needs to improve all facets of his blocking but a solid middle round choice that should eventually grow into a complete tight end.

Name: Ben Hartsock School Ohio State Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 263 40: 4.82 Pos: TE

Bio: Two year starter who broke out as a senior catching 33/290/2 and named a first team All Conference selection. Started thirteen games as a junior posting 17/137/2, after 7/81/1 the prior year in four starts. All Academic selection last year.

Positives: Hard working tight end with a well rounded game. Fluid releasing off the line of scrimmage, adjusts to the errant throw and displays soft hands. Extends to catch the ball away from his frame and effective running after the reception. Tenacious blocker who plays with leverage, works to finish off defenders and displays strength at the point.

Negatives: Not quick or explosive into his blocks. More of a short yardage pass receiving threat and lacks the speed to make plays into the secondary.

Analysis: A solid college player, Hartsock does not stand out in any single aspect of the game. Has the frame to add weight which would improve his blocking abilities and coming off a good combine performance. Could catch on as a number two tight end for a franchise.

Name: Ronnie Ghent School Louisville Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-2.5 Wt: 248 40: 5 Pos: TE

Bio: Four year starter that caught 34/421 yards last year after 25/206/3 as a junior. Played only six games in 2002 after suffering a season ending knee injury against Memphis. Sophomore totals were 34/30/5.

Positives: Hard working, pass catching tight end with solid athletic skills. Extends nicely for the pass or adjusts and pulls the pass out of the air. Moves well laterally and consistently comes back to the quarterback, making himself an available target. Breaks down well, flexible and works to pick up the extra yardage running after the catch. Quick off the snap into blocks, plays with good pad level and uses body positioning to wall defenders from the action. Competitive, tough and gives effort in all aspects of the game.

Negatives: Lacks the soft hands and does not always come away with the tough catch in traffic. Does not possess the break away speed for a pass catching tight end and offers only marginal playing strength as an in-line blocker.

Analysis: Offering an adequate package of size and athleticism, Ghent could be a solid tight end brought onto the field for third and long situations. Needs to step up his game and take it to the next level during camp to have a true shot at sticking on an active roster come September.

Name: Jason Peters School Arkansas Year 4Jr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 336 40: 5.02 Pos: TE

Bio: Two year starter and second team All Conference selection as a junior after catching 21/218/4. Finished his sophomore season with 4/37/0 after spending the first half of his freshman campaign as a reserve defensive lineman.

Positives: Large, athletic tight end that stands out on the field. Blocks with leverage, strength and turns defenders from the play. Annihilates linebackers on the second level, gets movement from run blocks and effective when he stays with the action. Fluid releasing off the line into pass routes, runs well and displays soft hands. Gets vertical for the reception and makes the difficult catch in contorted positions.

Negatives: Not quick off the snap or explosive into blocks. Gets lazy and leans on opponents rather than blocking them. Lets the pass get into his frame. Not overly alert or a prospect that shows great wherewithal.

Analysis: A physical specimen with great natural gifts, Peters has the skills to be a dominant and complete tight end if not a very athletic left tackle. Will have trouble playing a position at 320 pounds and must shed weight but a prospect with a large upside.

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