Scouting the Defensive linemen

One area scouts always like to see plenty of available talent is on the defensive line. Big, strong run stuffers as well as speedy pass rushers always bring a smile to the fact of NFL coaches. Both types of linemen will be available through the first three rounds of this weekend's draft.

Defensive Ends

Kenechi Udeze/USC/6-2.5/275/4.74/Junior: Udeze is a sensational pass rusher on the college level and will be a commodity in the NFL. Rounding out his entire game, Udeze also stuffs the run with great efficiency and is the complete package. Expect him to be selected in the first five picks this April.

Will Smith/Ohio State/6-3/268/4.68/Senior: Athletically gifted defender that impacts the game in a variety of ways, Smith is an explosive lineman that would've been a high pick had he entered the draft last April. Lined up all over the field, Smith stands over tackle or sets up in a three-point stance and is effective in every situation.

Jason Babin/Western Michigan/6-2.5/260/4.65/Senior: Super productive the past two seasons, Babin has constantly been a disrupting force on the college field. Grades highly in the areas of character, competitiveness and athleticism and very much a prospect in the mold of a Dan Klecko or Teddy Bruschi; the type of player whose tenacity will be infectious.

Darrion Scott/Ohio St /6-3/274/4.72/Senior: A defender with excellent computer numbers, Scott is moving up draft boards even after a poor campaign in 2003. Could eventually develop into a starting left defensive end at the next level.

Antwan Odom/Alabama/6-5/280/4.83/Junior: Odom has exceptional innate skills and upside for the next level. He has a penchant for making plays up the field and is constantly in the offensive backfield disrupting game plans. Though he still needs to physically mature Odom has announced his eligibility for April's draft and will quickly be scooped up by an NFL franchise.

Defensive Tackles

Tommie Harris/Oklahoma/6-3/290/5.03/Junior: It is tough not to take notice of Harris the way he makes plays and goes 100-MPH for 60-minutes. A great college player who we feel will be very good at the next level; Harris may never be a "special prospect" due to limited growth potential and an inability to handle the run at the next level. If he maintains focus and gives top effort, Harris has the abilities to be productive right out of the gate.

Vince Wilfork/Miami-Fl/6-1/345/5.12/Junior: Wilfork has overcome a lot to get where he presently is. Playing a priority position up front on the defensive line, he has the skills to be a space eater that commands double teams to prevent him from collapsing the pocket. Wilfork displays flashes of brilliance but lacks the consistency or dominance scouts hope to see in an early first round pick. He must maintain focus and conditioning to attain his upper most level of ability in the NFL but should have a long career.

Darnell Dockett/Florida St/6-2/290/4.99/Senior: Dockett is similar to many of his predecessors at Florida State; athletic, explosive yet a tad undersized. After a shaky junior season when the shadow of suspension loomed over his head, Dockett turned it around and is realizing the potential Seminole coaches placed on him. Terrific performances in the Senior Bowl and at the combine may have locked up a top 32 calling of his name.

Randy Starks/Maryland/6-3.5/308/5.04/Junior: Starks is a developing, young lineman with great potential for the next level. Best a run stuffer, he could be used as a wide body in a four-three scheme or even in a two-gap lineman.

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