Shuffling the linebacker list? Update: 4/24 12AM

At first it looked like a solid group of linebackers coming into the 2003 season but several of the nation's top prospects underachieved and did not live up to expectation. Now comes word of a potential shuffle at the top of the crop because of medical concerns. UPDATE 12AM New info on several of the underclassmen. has learned that several teams are red-flagging Miami linebacker Jonathan Vilma as MRI's have revealed a pre-existing knee injury.  While it is not believed to be severe, there is some thought that Vilma could slide into the late first round, potentially into the top of round two.  More as we receive it.


Several other sources have confirmed the Vilma injury situation and expect him to fall significantly. 

Another player who could take a tumble is Will Poole.  Teams have gone back to his days at Boston College and his "rap sheet" is inches long.  Franchises are also looking into a serious off-the-field issue from earlier this year Poole was involved in.

Late word has Reggie Williams dropping.  Two weeks ago several scouts told us Williams was no more than a slow number two receiver and not a difference maker.  Now comes word his pre-draft interviews were not good.

The Eagles are trying desperately to trade up either with the Vikings or Niners.

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