Best of the rest

After two days, seven rounds and 255-selections, the book is closed on the 2004 NFL Draft. Even with that one of the deepest drafts in recent history still has several top prospects available for grabs. Here's a look at the remaining, undrafted prospects with our original rankings.


Best Of The Rest

# Rnd Name Pos School Team
72 3B Darrell Campbell DT Notre Dame
92 3C DeMarco McNeil DT Auburn
110 4B Kentrell Curry S Georgia
121 4C Kendrick Starling WR San Jose State
126 4C Bryan Hickman OLB Kansas State
128 5A Alan Reuber T Texas A&M
129 4B Jason Peters TE Arkansas
132 5A Brandon Everage S Oklahoma
135 5C Jared Lorenzen QB Kentucky
138 4C Lawrence Richardson CB Arkansas
140 4C Greg Taplin DE Michigan State
147 5A Tommy Kelly DT Mississippi State
150 5B Robert Kent QB Jackson State
153 5B Grant Wiley OLB West Virginia
154 5C Uyi Osunde OLB Connecticut
156 5A Fred Russell RB Iowa
162 5C Randy Jordan CB Kansas State
163 5B Justin Jenkins WR Mississippi State
164 6A Anthony Herrera G Tennessee
165 6A Jason Wright RB Northwestern
170 6A Cols Colas OLB Virginia Tech
173 5C B.J. Johnson WR Texas
174 6B Derrick Ward RB Ottawa
176 5B T.J. Hollowell OLB Nebraska
180 6A Kevin Emanuel DE Florida State
183 6A Lane Danielsen WR Iowa State
185 5C Josh Davis RB Nebraska
193 6A Rufus Brown CB Florida State
194 7A Scott Wells C Tennessee
196 6B Rashad Baker S Tennessee
198 6C Jon Bradley DT Arkansas State
200 7A Derek McCoy WR Colorado
201 6C Joe Tate G Michigan State
203 7A Shaud Williams RB Alabama
211 7A Travis Wilson FB Kansas State
215 7A James Newson WR Oregon State
216 6C Kyle Larson P Nebraska
218 7A Mondre Dickerson DT Tennessee
219 6B Ben Utecht TE Minnesota
220 7A Spencer Johnson DT Auburn
222 7A Shannon Snell G Florida
223 6C Ran Carthon RB Florida
224 7A Stanford Samuels CB Florida State
225 7A Antonio Hall T Kentucky
226 6A Arnold Parker S Utah
227 7A Toby Cecil C Texas Tech
228 7B Jarrett Payton RB Miami-Fl
229 7B Brandon Kennedy DT North Texas State
233 7B Quinn Christensen G BYU
235 7B Scott Rislov QB San Jose State
236 7B Jonathan Harrell ILB Northern Iowa
238 7B Josh Buhl S Kansas State
239 7C James Terry WR Kansas State
240 7B Rod Rutherford QB Pittsburgh
241 7B Cedric Hilliard DT Notre Dame
243 7C Billy Strother OLB New Mexico
244 7B Derek Kennard DT Nevada
249 FA Mark Pierce FB Arkansas
250 7B Mike Walker TE Minn-Morris
251 FA Andrae Thurman WR Southern Oregon
254 FA Andrew Shull DE Kansas State
257 FA Jamaine Billups S Iowa State
259 FA Rodney Reed G LSU
261 7C Todd Ghilani C Northern Illinois
262 FA Lewis Moore OLB Pittsburgh
263 7C Lousaka Polite FB Pittsburgh
264 FA Chris Collins WR Mississippi
265 7C Gabe Nyenhuis DE Colorado
266 7C Gus Scott S Florida
268 7C Mark Pera T Auburn
269 FA Ronnie Ghent TE Louisville
271 7C Atlas Herrion G Alabama
273 FA Scott Jackson C BYU
274 FA Marvin Jackson CB Chadron State
275 FA Larry Stevens DE Michigan
276 FA John Paul Foschi TE Georgia Tech
277 FA Derrick Ballard S Memphis
279 FA Ahmad Childress DT Alabama
280 FA Tony Johnson WR Penn State
286 FA Nick Romeo C Syracuse
287 FA D.D. Acholonu OLB Washington State
288 FA Jason Fife QB Oregon
289 FA Chris Coleman TE x-Alabama State
290 FA Damane Duckett DT East Carolina
292 7C Tyson Clabo G Wake Forest
293 FA John Standeford WR Purdue
296 FA AJ Ricker C Missouri
297 FA Brett Pierce TE Stanford
298 FA Casey Clausen QB Tennessee
300 FA Tai Tupai DT Washington State
301 FA Ryan Dinwiddie QB Boise State
302 FA Regis Crawford G Arizona State
303 FA Kevin Youngblood WR Clemson
304 FA Carl Diggs ILB Michigan
305 FA Greg Richmond OLB Oklahoma State
307 FA Virgil Williams S Washington State
309 FA Kevin Mitchell OLB Oregon
311 FA Dietrich Canterberry DT UNLV
312 FA LaMons Walker C San Jose State
315 FA Doug Easlick FB Virginia Tech
316 FA Mike Labinjo ILB Michigan State
317 FA Renauld Williams OLB Hofstra
320 FA Marcell Allmond CB USC
318 FA Jordan Carstens DT Iowa State
319 FA Maurice Brown WR Iowa
321 FA Bryce Bishop G Ohio State
322 FA Keith Willis TE Virginia Tech
323 FA Derrick Knight RB Boston College
324 FA George Wilson WR Arkansas
325 FA Keith Belton FB Syracuse
326 FA Rayshaun Reed S Troy State
327 FA Dwight Anderson CB South Dakota
329 FA Constantin Ritzmann DE Tennessee
330 FA Aaron McConnell DT Pittsburgh State
331 FA Isaac Brown OLB Washington State
332 FA Greg Walker G Clemson


#- Original rank amongst top 332 prospects

Rnd- Original projection of round to be drafted in

Team- Team UDFA signed with

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