First day thoughts

Why did Will Poole drop? And what about Karlos Dansby? What was the reasoning behind the Giants taking Chris Snee early in round two? Here are some thoughts and reasoning to the first day of the 2004 draft.

  • We reported late Friday night that corner Will Poole could be facing a draft day drop...and drop he did onto the early part of round four when the Miami Dolphins scooped him up. As we posted, Poole has a litany of off the field problems dating back to his days at Boston College, a school he was expelled from. The latest may have been the final blow as reports are Poole was stopped behind the wheel of a vehicle earlier this year when he was in no condition to drive.

  • Teams were concerned about Karlos Dansby's ability to learn/retain information which is what lead to his precipitous drop down draft boards. A low wonderlick score coupled with unimpressive interviews lead to this thinking.

  • Does nepotism work? Frequent visitors to this site realize how high we've been on Boston College guard Chris Snee; immediately after his red-shirt freshman campaign we ranked Snee as our number one guard prospect heading into the 2002 season. But even with that we think taking him early in round two was a bit early. What's the story? Well it may not be the whole truth but the notion going around is nepotism has its' benefits. In case you hadn't heard evidently Snee fathered a child whose mother is the daughter of Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.

  • Evidently the Eagles threw up a smoke screen and never intended to trade up for Stephan Jackson rather Shawn Andrews was their man all along.

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