Reviewing the Draft: Indianapolis Colts

After an off season that saw the Colts unable to do anything in the free agent market due to the Peyton Manning situation, the draft loomed large. The Colts lost several starters as a roster purge was necessary and as a result, Indianapolis needed help at several key defensive positions.<p>Indianapolis was a candidate to trade out of the first round if a suitor was available and they did just that with Atlanta and then Pittsburgh before selecting Bob Sanders with their initial choice.&nbsp;

Sanders is a playmaking safety prospect whose biggest concern is his lack of height as well as deficient pass cover skills. While Sanders is a good value where the Colts selected him in the draft it's difficult to see how he fits in on this team in the next season with the safeties already on the roster. 

The Colts followed that pick by selecting tight end Ben Hartsock from Ohio State. Again the value is hard to argue but at best Hartsock will be the teams third tight end unless they release Marcus Pollard. The Colts next two picks were used on developmental linebackers. 

Gilbert Gardner, a local prospect from Purdue, was productive in college but may never be anything more than a backup in the NFL. Kendyll Pope has a larger upside and represented good value at the top of the fourth round. 

Their next selection, cornerback Jason David, is a great cover corner that has the ability to stay with his man across the field. Unfortunately his size precludes him from being effective against larger receivers. Tony Dungy doesn't mind smaller prospects and David could find a home as a starter in Indianapolis based on the cornerback talent they currently have.

 Jake Scott is an athletic offensive tackle that can be developed as he adds much needed size. He is likely to spend a year on the practice squad. Von Hutchins is another smallish cornerback that is likely to be a backup, though he does project well in a cover-two defense which is similar to what the Colts run. 

Jim Sorgi is unlikely to make the teams final roster though he does have the skills to be developed into a back-up NFL quarterback down the road. 

Dave Kimball is a big legged kicker that could find a spot in the NFL. He will only make the Colts roster, however, should the team cut ties with Mike Vanderjagt.

The Colts draft is difficult to understand in the context of how it helps the team improve next season. Yet one cannot knock the team however, for the players it acquired were based solely on talent and it appears Indianapolis is retooling for the future. With much less cap room available following Peyton Manning's new contract it will be imperative for the team to draft well in the upcoming years. While this draft class will do little to help the team in the upcoming season the players selected will likely play significant roles in the coming years as future roster purges will be needed to keep this team remain in salary cap compliance.

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