Reviewing the draft: Washington Redskins

With Joe Gibbs back as head coach the Redskins hope to begin the long road back to NFL credibility. Gibbs is one of the greatest coaches in league history but questions about his fit in the current NFL are legitimate. He was faced the difficult task of rebuilding a talent deprived roster with only four selections in last April's draft. With the fifth overall pick Washington had the opportunity to trade down for extra premium selections or take a legitimate game breaking prospect.

Sean Taylor can't arrive in Redskins camp soon enough.  Taylor is the best safety prospect to come out of college in years and was this seasons best defensive player.  With safety being ranked among Washington's primary needs this selection provided maximum value at a position of great need.  Taylor will be a starter from day one and could be a game impacting force from the early weeks as well.  Chris Cooley was a little known yet a highly regarded tight end prospect.  Cooley is a nice sized athletic prospect that excels in both the passing and the blocking game.  While he does not possess the same great athleticism as many of the tight ends drafted ahead of him, Cooley is a hard working and fundamentally sound player that should fit nicely into Gibbs system.  Mark Wilson is a tough intelligent blocker best suited for the right side of the line.  While he does have the flexibility to play either tackle spot his size potential and lack of great athleticism make him a strong candidate to be the teams primary strong side backup.   Jim Molinaro is a good-sized blocker best in confined quarters.  At the Blue-Gray Game last December, Molinaro appeared more comfortable on the weak side yet may not have the athleticism to stay there in the NFL.  A hard worker, Molinaro needs to add weight and strength if he's to have a serious chance of competing at the next level. 

With most of their picks already spent acquiring veteran players Washington had little ammunition to work with yet many needs to fill on draft weekend.  The Redskins managed to bring in players at two primary positions of need as well as another pair of prospects to develop at offensive tackle.  Sean Taylor will eventually be a superstar and  Chris Cooley could be a starter by his second season in the league, if not earlier.  Should either of the two offensive tackles ever contribute this will be considered a successful draft for Joe Gibbs and the Redskins.

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