Scouting the Big 10: Penn State

Last year was not good for the Nittany Lions in almost every aspect. This once proud program has seemingly fallen on difficult times and there is no immediate answer. They had little impact in last April's draft, something we think will continue in 2005.


Senior quarterback Zack Mills is a tough passer who works hard to make positive plays, yet his upside potential for the next level is limited as Mills lacks the big arm and abilities to make plays outside the pocket.  Conversely junior passer Michael Robinson has the athletic skills and arm strength needed to be an NFL quarterback.  If he can take control of the starting job in Happy Valley, then develop his quarterbacking skills, Robinson should be a solid prospect moving towards the 2006 draft as a passer.  Then again there is always the possibility of Robinson moving him to another position on offense.  One underclassman we have high hopes for is left tackle Levi Brown.  A former defense of tackle, Brown is athletic and excels protecting the passer or blocking for the run.  He displayed outstanding skill last season, his first year on the offensive line at Penn State and is definitely a lineman to keep an eye on.  Junior guards Charles Rush and Tyler Reed are also a pair of blockers with potential for the next level.

On defense there is not much in the way of pro-prospects.  Early in his career we had high hopes for linebacker Derrick Wake but he never did progress the way we thought possible the past two seasons.  Wake has the playing style of a strong side linebacker yet may be best on the inside in a 3-4 system.  Corner Alan Zemaitis offers possibilities as a zone cover man at the next level.

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