Scouting the ACC: North Carolina

It's been a tough go if it the past few seasons in Chapel Hill as this once proud program has fallen on the difficult times. A team that consistently offered the NFL first round talent, the Tar Heels have not had a first day pick the past two draft's. This is a trend which will likely continue next April.

Were there are a single prospect with the possibility of breaking into the first three rounds next April it would be center Jason Brown.  A nice sized blocker on the pivot, Brown is quick off the snap and explosive in all his actions.  Immediately getting his hands into defenders, he jolts opponents at the point and opens up the middle of the field for running backs.  Playing with outstanding strength, Brown easily controls defenders once engaged in a block.  While he does not display great footwork or skills blocking in space, he is still a top prospect and one of the better centers in the nation.  Quarterback Darain Durrant is an outstanding athlete with the ability to break games wide open with his strong arm or quick feet.  Durrant has the ability to drive passes downfield or put velocity on all his throws.  He displays great elusiveness and speed when he pulls the ball down and takes off from the pocket.  While he's had significant starting experience, Durrant it is still more a "thrower" then "passer" and a signal caller prone to tossing the ball up for grabs.  His overall game needs a lot of work but his innate skills make him worth serious draft consideration.  Pint sized receiver Jarwarski Pollock will be watched because of his punt returning skills while senior tackle Willie McNeill is a big bodied lineman who offers potential for the next level.

Defensively the Tar Heel program has really suffered from poor recruiting.  This is a college that has put the likes of Greg Ellis, Brian Simmons, Julius peppers and Lawrence Taylor into the NFL yet this years group of players have but marginal potential for the next level.  They do have a pair of defensive tackles to keep an eye on specifically Chase Page and Jonas Seawright.  Page is a solid athlete that displays quickness and explosion while Seawright is a king-size defender with great natural strength but a prospect who must improve almost every aspect of his game.

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